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Chapters update report Wikimedia Nederland december 2008

Content Online PlatformEdit

On the suggestion of Angela (and Wikimedia Nederland), Esther Hoorn has been invited as an expert to the Content Online Platform. Topics include protection of minors and cultural diversity online.


Wikimedia Nederland has won the legal case against Sijthoff. This because the judge agreed with Wikimedia Nederland that Wikimedia Nederland has no legal or technical influence on the content of the projects.

Newyear cardsEdit

Wikimedia Nederland has sent newyear cards to its members and allies. People who has meant something special to the association received a hand writte note. Besides this, invitations have been sent for the new year drink on January 17, which is organized in Amsterdam together with Creactive Commons Nederland and Open Streetmap NL.


Quite some attention (side news) for the outcome of the legal case. Mostly positive'ish towards Wikimedia. Also interest for the 10k articles for the Frysian Wikipedia (including interview on Omrop Fryslan) and some minor subjects for more foreign issues.