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Chapters update report Wikimedia Nederland November 2008

Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland edit

Wikimedia Nederland organized the annual Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland on November 1. Please see our previous report for more details.

Green Paper reaction edit

Wikimedia Nederland submitted a reaction to the Green Paper on Copyright in the Knowledge Economy[1] to the European Committee. This reaction was written within the working group Groenboek, and translated into English[2]. The translated version was sent to the other chapters, with the suggestion to submit a reaction as well. Wikimedia Deutschland[3], Wikimedia Italia[4] and Wikimédia Magyarország (Hungary)[5] have submitted a reaction based on this. Wikimedia Polska submitted a reaction seperately earlier on. The working group consisted of Elly, Wutsje, Esther, Marco and Fruggo.

Speeches&Conferences edit

Wikimedia Nederland was present at FIFI2008 and Hay gave a speech at PLUG in Hilversum.

Press attention edit

In November there was a lot of attention for Wikimedia and Wikipedia in The Netherlands. A full overview can be found as always on [6] (Dutch). Press attention focused on the Wikimedia Conferentie Nederland, the blocking of the German Wikipedia, the fundraiser, the decision by Winkler Prins (the Dutch traditional encyclopedia) to stop publishing paper encyclopediae, the legal issue described below and the 500.000 articles on the Dutch language Wikipedia.

Legal edit

Wikimedia Nederland has been sued by a Dutch business man to a) remove his article from Wikipedia and b) give the personal details of the author of the article. Wikimedia Nederland is of the opinion that it is not able to comply to either of the demands, and above that, that the demands are not justifiable. The judge will rule on December 10.

Fundraising edit

Wikimedia Nederland signed the fundraising agreement with the Wikimedia Foundation.

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