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Wikimedia Conference NetherlandsEdit

Wikimedia Nederland organized its annual conference on 1 November 2008 in the city center of Utrecht. There were 100 visitors, including one journalist working on an article on Wikipedia. There were 19 speakers, amongst whom Jan-Bart de Vreede, Philipp Birken, Erik Zachte, Esther Hoorn (she helps with the green paper reaction for WMNL) and Arnoud Engelfriet (internet specialized lawyer). Kennisnet and (main sponsor) sponsored the event. Full program:

This years conference was organized by Lodewijk, Ciell, Hay and José.

Green Paper reactionEdit

WMNL was invited to join a consultation at the Dutch ministry of Justice to prepare a national reaction to the Greenpaper on Copyright in the Knowledge Society. Marco and Esther represented WMNL and went there, and gave a lot of input on many questions. and did not get locked up in question 24. The input was highly valued by the attending parties, which included copyright organisations, Wikimedia NL, ministries, employers organisations etc.

The Dutch chapter has prepared an initial reply to the European Commission, which will have to be submitted before November 30. A translation will be produced for other chapters, so that they can join in. A short summary emphasizing the main points will be submitted to the chapters within a few days, so that they can prepare already. (see for more information)


The leaflets on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Nederland have been updated and a small batch has been printed with the help of Kennisnet for the conference. The leaflets will be posted soon on meta. Questions may go to Hay.