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Wikipedia At Your School, Faculty of Natural Sciences in Skopje
Wikipedia in elementary shcool, OU Hristo Uzinov, Ohrid

This is the Chapter report for Wikimedia Macedonia for February 2013

Wikipedia in EducationEdit

  • 28th February, Presentation about Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects to students of Faculty of Economy in Skopje.
  • 26th February, Presentation to students of pedagogical faculties from UKIM, UKLO and UGD (different universities in Macedonia) and to employees in public internet clubs in Macedonia. This event was co-organized by Wikimedia Macedonia, Faculty of IT and Ministry of public administration and information society (MIS). Second part of this event was workshop, where we learn how to edit Wikipedia articles, picture upload, categorization, tables, templates, ordered and unordered lists. In collaboration with MIS we want to start some projects where employees in internet clubs will give lectures about Wikipedia to their visitors, how to use the content, how to edit articles, upload pictures and so on. This work is still underdevelopment.
  • 15th February, Wikimedia Macedonia continue collaboration with the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Philology. This time together with professors we start to learn how to create new user account, how to start new Wikipedia article, to use talk pages, explanation of basic formatting wiki tags, referencing, categorization and other simple stuff. As a result of our collaboration we expect in near future to engage students from those faculties to work on different wiki-projects with the goal to improve content on Wikipedia.
  • 11th February, for the first time we presented Wikipedia to elementary school in Ohrid, Macedonia.
  • 8th February, Presentation to secondary school's teachers about Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects like Wikimedia Commons and wiki source through university video conferencing system in six different locations throughout Macedonia at same time. The event was co-organized by Wikimedia Macedonia, Faculty of IT and Ministry of education and science. More then 130 teachers from secondary schools in Macedonia attend the event. We have another group of 150 teachers who wait for next similar event. After this we will start with series of on-line activities on Macedonian Wikipedia where teachers from every school will start to improve school's wiki-page, and they will try to form School Wikipedia Club. Thanks to Wikimedia Foundation we have new mailing list for better coordination of these activities.

Wiki meetingsEdit

  • 40th wiki meet-up in Skopje, (25 February)
  • 39th wiki meet up in Skopje, (11 February)
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