Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia India/Apr-Jun2012

Admin & LegalEdit

  • EC drafted Election rules to put in place the defined mechanism for conducting EC member elections, EC office bearer elections and also other official appointments of the chapter.
  • FCRA approval was received. We have received a sum of approx 6.5 lakhs from Wikimedia Foundation in April 2012.


  • Though considerable effort was spent by Wikimedia Chapter EC, Hisham, Barry and others towards defining a colloboration framework, we could not reach consensus as the approaches differ. Chapter will continue to cooperate with India programs in an ad hoc, case-by-case manner.
  • IRC on WLM was conducted and Karthik Nadar, Noopur Raval,Yuvi Panda have volunteered to join core team of WLM India supported by Naveen Francis, Secretary and Executive Member.

Technology & CulturalEdit

  • Tech related events: Nil
  • GLAM related events: Nil

Grant UsageEdit

A sum of Rs 37550 is spent towards WikiSangamotsav, Malayalam wiki conference on 28 and 29 April 2012



  • 29-April-2012 Bangalore Wikimeetup 45
  • 24-April-2012 Wiki Academy @ L.D. College of Engineering
  • 08-April-2012 Bangalore Wikimeetup 44


  • 13-May-2012 Bangalore Wikimeetup 46


  • 9-Jun-2012 Bangalore Wikimeetup 47
  • 12-Jun-2012 Kannada Wikipedia 9th Anniversary Celebrations