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Activity report

January/February/March 2013

This is the chapter report of Wikimedia España for the months of January, February and March 2013.


Course at Polytechnical University of Valencia
  • 18.01.2013: Work lunch with board members of Col·legi Oficial de Bibliotecaris i Documentalistes de la Comunitat Valenciana
  • 18.01.2013: Course "Cómo editar en Wikipedia: primeros pasos desde instituciones culturales" ("How to edit Wikipedia: first steps from cultural institutions") at the UPV (Polytechnical University of Valencia) [1] [2]


  • 07.02.2013: Meeting with board and staff of Science Museum of Valladolid
  • 10-11.02.2013: Collaboration and advice for press article about Wikipedia and Ibex35's companies 10th and 11th
Estudiantes vs Unicaja de Málaga basketball game
  • 17.02.2013: Photo coverage of the basketball game Estudiantes vs Unicaja de Málaga [3]
  • 17-28.02.2013: Translation and diffusion of an article about digitalization of historical documents, under free license (Catalan, Spanish and French)
  • 19.02.2013: Meeting with Zaragoza City Council at Palacio de Montemuzo
  • Grant proposal to WMF for WikiArS [4]
  • Support given to María Sefidari because her grant request for 2013 IPC Alpine Skiing World Championships La Molina, celebrated on February, 20-27th [5]


  • 04.03.2013: Radio interview for Edición Limitada of COPE Madrid [6]
Talk at Science Museum of Valladolid
  • 08.03.2013: Talk about Wikipedia and GLAM in Science Museum of Valladolid
  • 09.03.2013: Conference to celebrate the aniversary of Galipedia in Santiago de Compostela [7]
  • 11.03.2013: Collaboration with press article for BBC Mundo [8]
  • 12.03.2013: Workshop "Edición en MediaWiki y Wikipedia" in JOSLUCA 8 in Cádiz
  • 13.03.2013: Workshop "Contenidos libres en WikiMedia Commons" in Jerez (University of Cádiz)
  • 14.03.2013: TV interview about 10th anniversary of Galipedia [9]
  • 16.03.2013: Radio interview about Wikipedia for No es un día cualquiera of RNE [10]
  • Support given to Lila Pagola because her grant request for Libre Graphics Meeting, hosted by Medialab-Prado (Madrid) and celebrated on April, 10-13th [11]

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