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Wikimedia Czech Republic report (November 2011 – January 2012)Edit

Important events and decisions that involved Wikimedia Czech Republic in the period of from November 2011 to January 2012.

Main eventsEdit

November 26th – 3rd Czech Wikiconference in National technical library, Prague. Series of speeches, presentations and discussions, organized by Okino and others. ( Also declaration of winners of the 4th round of a competition among Wikipedians called "Ceny za rozvoj české Wikipedie" – Prizes for the development of Czech Wikipedia (

New Memory Game ("Pexeso") prepared by Chmee2 and others in the WikiProject Protected Areas. (See 1000 copies printed, most of them already given away.

January 7th – Ideová konference ("Conference of ideas") in Prague, an internal meeting of Wikimedians to share and discuss their ideas about WM CZ. Organized by Krvesaj, there were 6 members present, other 5 followed on-line.

There were 3 regular monthly meetings of Wikipedians/Wikimedians in Prague and two other (one about Wiki-chemistry in Prague, one local meeting in Jihlava), see

WM CZ joined the world Wikicommunity in the protest against SOPA in January, the open letter is here: Position of WMCZ was presented in Czech TV ([call with chair (starts at 1:40)]), radio(written version, mp3) and several written media 3 There was a lot of media coverage of the English WP blackout in the Czech media, see


The WM CZ Board met three times during the period. Among its decisions are the following:

  • The Board devised financial plan for 2012 and set up some new financial rules for the Czech Chapter.
  • The organizing committee ("oko") of the Mediagrant has been changed by the Board. Oko's members are che, Chmee2, Packa a Vojtech.dostal since November 7th.
  • A committee for the preparation of a new web of WM CZ is named (Aktron and Frettie).
  • Gampe, a member of WM CZ, is our new treasurer since January 15th replacing Limojoe.
  • The next Annual General Meeting of the Chapter will be held at March 17th in Prague.

Other items:

  • By members vote, a new section (suggested by Jan Spousta) added to the bylaw of WM CZ in order to limit the length of discussion during meetings (because some of the past meetings lasted more than 12 hours).
  • There are discussions about how to celebrate 10th anniversary of the Czech Wikipedia in 2012 (Danny B. and others)
  • WM CZ started preparations to join the Wiki Loves Monuments in 2012
  • The "Tracker", a software application made by che to aid the internal grants, is fully functional and running
  • Two students wrote reports about Czech Wikimedia as a part of their school assignments. Barbora Kolorosová wrote about WM CZ and its future possibilities, Pavlína Dravecká conducted an economical analysis of WM CZ.