Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Australia/2014/Financial Report

Annual Financial Statements edit

The association had net assets of $80,132 at 30 June 2014.

The attached financial statements will be submitted to CAV as part of our annual statement.

Income edit

We received a total of $1,225 revenue for the year.

Membership dues edit

After tax, we received $636 in membership dues, over 66 transactions.

Previously, we provided both full and concession membership, at $20 and $10 p/y respectively. As we now have only one category of membership at $10, the revenue from membership dues is less than previous years.

Donations edit

$335 of our revenue for the year came from donations, from 11 individuals. One of these was a member of the association.

I'd like to thank these individuals for their support.

Other revenue edit

We recovered expenses from one member of $118.

Interest edit

$135 interest was received for the year.

Grants edit

No grants were received.

Expenditure edit

Our total operating expenses for the year were $4,940. This is a reduction of 91% compared to last year. This can mainly be attributed to the discontinuation of linkage grants, and a reduction in the number of members being sent to international events.

Some of the programmes which this went toward were:

Wikimania 2014 London
University of Sydney Symposium
Volunteer Support Programme
Wikimedia Conference Berlin 2014

The remainder consists of various Australian outreach events, as well as administrative overheads. As we are planning or supporting a number of upcoming events[1], our expenditure is likely to increase moving forward.