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WikiCon 2012


The WikiConvention in Dornbirn, Austria took place over the first September weekend. More than 200 participants attended the event that was entirely organized by volunteers. The WikiCon program schedule touched on many topics and highlighted a number of core themes for Wikipedia and the fellow Wikimedia projects, e.g. working climate and editor retention. WMAT supported the project financially and by travel grants for Austrian community members.

For a more detailed report please read the Grant Report on Meta.




The date for photographing the MPs of the Federal Parliament of Salzburg will be October 31, 2012:

Wiki Loves Monuments


The 2012 edition of Wiki Loves Monuments in Austria launched, again in cooperation with the Bundesdenkmalamt (Agency responsible for Austrian Monuments) around the "Tag des Denkmals" (national event within the European Heritage Days). In the past months the community did a lot of work to prepare this event:

  • a letter to all municipalities in Austria will be send in the beginning of September
  • a flyer has been produced and distributed in the last weeks
  • the website has been created including information on the project, lists of all monuments and maps regularly updated by a bot via Wikimedia Toolserver
  • our team of volunteers and our part-time supporter (student) supported Wikimedia CH in setting up the website and rewriting the monuments lists for bot-use

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Wiki takes Oberes Murtal


The project aims at increasing the amount of images of the upper Mur-valley as a part of Wiki loves monuments and is entirely organized by volunteers. The photo safari across the "Oberes Murtal" takes place from September 7 until September 9, 2012. WMAT supports the projects by paying for travel costs and accomodation.

More than 800 pictures have been taken due to this project, the amount of illustrated articles of monuments in the district of Murau was increased from 24% to 55% (from 78 to 177 monuments) and in the district of Murtal from 27% to 59% (from 87 to 192 monuments):

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The project aims at providing the visitors with more information than ususally fits on the small-sized panels by using QR-Codes. Together with the botanists from botanical garden of the University in Graz WMAT developed a list of approx. 300 plants which shall be provided with a QR-Code that leads to a corresponding article in Wikipedia. The list was published on a subpage of "Wikipedia:QRpedia" and Wikipedians are working on completing the articles on the list in several language versions.

Financial expenses of WMAT cover a part of the labor costs of one of our paid staff members, who is working on the establishment of QRpedia projects in Austria in general, additionally to other project management tasks in the field of cultural outreach. A prototype of a panel with the QR-Code has been made. WMAT has arranged with the botanical gardens, that the costs of the other panels will be accepted by the botanical gardens exclusively. At present no other expenses have been considered to be necessary.

Wiki Loves Memories


We received and inquiry from somebody who has a huge collection of slides with pictures taken all over the world in the course of many years. This includes old pictures from places in Iraq and other countries which experienced dramatic changes in the last years, so we think these images are especially worthy for Wikimedia Commons as they can't be taken anymore today.

After discussing the inquiry in our community several interested people spoke up and we began to draft a new project called "Wiki Loves Memories" which should consist of digitalization of private collections with historical or scientific interesting materials.

Therefore Wikimedia Austria bought a high-performance slide scanner (Reflecta DigitDia 5000) for scanning those slides with a focus on historical material.