Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Österreich/September 2011



The Webpage of WMAT had to be relaunched after a crash. A new design and new functions were implemented. The webpage is connected with a new CiviCRM version for the organizing of member contacts and other operations.



The budget plan for the year 2012 has been established by the board. It was published in the members' wiki and can be discussed by members and volunteers. The budget is the basis for the grants draft, discussed with the WM Foundation.



For the project of scanning the card index of the famous library of the Abbey of Admont a bookscanner should be used. Other projects of scanning old books for publication under a free license could be supported. Information about bookscanners was requested. WMAT is in contact with some GLAM-institutions in Austria to explore opportunities to support the digitalization of free content. The funding of the bookscanner and software could be supported by the community budget plan of WMDE.

Software and CiviCRM


WMAT supports the coding of Open-Source-Software. A cooperation with WMSE has been established to expand CiviCRM for the use of WM Chapters. The CollaBeo a collaborative watchlist for Wikipedia was presented at Wikimania 2011. A meeting for software engineering concerning these projects on Oct. 7 to Oct. 9 in Graz is supported by WMAT.

The photo competition Wiki Loves Monuments brought 12,000 pictures of Austrian monuments to Wikimedia Commons. The photographs can be used in Wikipedia articles and lists of monuments which have been estabished by numerous volunteers during 2011. The competition was organized in cooperation with the federal office for the monuments in Austria (BDA), which provided the Wikipedians with data and provided many prizes, for instance valuable books about Austrian monuments. WMAT got additional prizes by Canon, bookstores and hotels.WLM-T-shirts for the helping voluteers were provided by WMAT. Many new voluteers got into contact with WM and Wikipedia during the competition. Numerous new articles could be created about the cultural heritage in de.wikipedia. An international cooperation between the participating countries and cultural institutions has been established.