Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Österreich/March 2011

Wikimania Scholarships edit

We have received from the Wikimania team a list of six ausrian and one slovak application. As Wikimedia Germany received much more applications than they have offered scholarships and both Wikimedia Österreich and Wikimedia CH have less applications than scholarships we decided to check the german applicants to find members of one of the other chapters and move those to this chapter. By that we got another two applicants, resulting in Wikimedia Deutschland being able to re-assign these to scholarships to other geman applicants.

We approved all applications. Additionally, we will send two representatives to Wikimania, Kurt Kulac and Christoph Breitler. Apart from representing the chapter and participating in the community and chapter talks they also submitted a talk about "Collaborative Watchlist", a project that will hopefully be finished this year (read more about this in the other paragraph of this report).

10th german Wikipedia Anniversary edit

Even though we didn't anticipate a big media response due to the short time after the international 10th anniversary two months ago, the swiss public broadcaster ORF showed big interest to make interviews with Wikipedians. Their first contact happened even before we sent out a press release, which happened on March 14th.

Chapters Meeting edit

Kurt and Manuel from the Wikimedia Österreich board participated in the Chapters Meeting in Berlin.

Chapters Agreement signed edit

During the Chapters Meeting we could arrange a meeting with Moushira Elamrawy and Barry Newstead and sign the Chapters Agreement as discussed on