Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Österreich/January 2012

Infrastructure, etc.

  • We planned the printing of several brochures, related to WMAT-projects.
  • We are planning a general liability insurance for WMAT.
  • WMAT is searching for a contractor for CiviCRM. The announcement had been prepared.
  • The chaper has now travel-cost-reimbursing-guidlines.
  • Decissions of the board are published on a weekly base.
  • WMAT secured several Wikimedia-projects related domains to ensure proper usage.

E-Mail Project

  • WMAT provides its members and community-members with Wikipedia e-mail adresses. The terms of use had been defined. There's a pdf as an application-form. We also provide business-cards for the applicants.



There had been a meeting of the organizers of the event in Dornbirn on 11. February. WMAT is reimbursting travelcosts.


  • The project regarding the picturing of the Austrian soccer players had been planned.
  • Also a whole-day-workshop for photo-interested people had been planned.
  • WMAT attends the first youth olympic winter games in Innsruck and is accreditated.

There had been a congress related to Solanacear in Neuchatel. WMAT supported this event and sent an attendee there.

Finance meeting


WMAT supported chapters indeed with travel costs for attending. Additional 2 board members participated.



WMAT is now member of the ICANN.

LinuxTag (open source fair)


WMAT is attending the LinuxTag in Berlin, together with WMCH and WMDE.