Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Österreich/February 2012

CiviCRM Edit

There had been a meeting in Graz to learn how to use the software.

Chapters Council Edit

  • WMAT favores the KISS-modell, but would also support the Modell B. There will be a provisional budget of EUR 5000,-- for the council. Kurt Kulac and Manuel Schneider, the attendees of the 2012 chapters meeting had negotiated and voteed for the chapters council in the name of the WMAT-board.

WikiWomenCamp Edit

WMAT supported this event and called for participants in Austria. We also reimbursted travel costs.

Photography project Edit

  • There had been two attendees to the photo workshop in Nuremberg, which was supported by refunding travelcosts. WMAT-equipment had been used for this event too.
  • WMAT supports the Wikikina-project. Community members will attend the big photo fair and will have a booth there.

Contractors Edit

  • We agreed on the contracts for our two contractors, regarding the support of projects and the CiviCRM-support, including accounting.

Chapters Meeting Edit

  • Beside 2 attendees of the board also one of our contractors joined us in Berlin. WMAT supported the travel of the other attending chapters with EUR 2000,--.


WMAT is supporting the founding of WMSK by reimbursting travel costs for the attendies of the first general assembly.

ÖGG Edit

WMAT cooperates with the Austrian geographic-association (ÖGG). There had been a speech of a WMAT board member and we are still searching ways to cooperate with each other.