Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Österreich/December 2012

WMAT general assembly


On December 1, 2012 the annual General Assembly of WMAT took place in Linz. The annual report of WMAT for 2012 was given to the members in hardcopy during the general assembly of WMAT and has been published in the members' wiki in German language:

The reports (financial and annual reports) were approved by the general assembly.

A new board has been elected:

  • President: Kurt Kulac (as before)
  • Vice President: Alexander Wagner (new)
    • Christoph Breitler didn't recandidate
  • Secretary: Beppo Stuhl (as before)
  • Vice Secretary: Michael Karolzak (new)
    • Ingo Allmer didn't recandidate
  • Treasurer: Reiner Strubert (as before)
  • Vice Treasurer: Michael Kranewitter (as before)
  • Adviser: Andrea Kareth (new)
    • Denis Barthel didn't recandidate
  • Adviser: Bernhard Wallisch (new)
    • Manuel Schneider didn't recandidate - henceforth WCA Council Member

This general assembly was also an opportunity to meet Claudia Garád, the Managing Director who started her work on October 1, 2012.

There were some changes in the bylaws:

  • The place of residence of WMAT moves from Graz to Wien, where we rented an office a few weeks ago
  • Members who didn't pay their membersgip fee despite a reminder until the General Assembly have no voting right. They can regain it by clearing the membership fee with one of the treasurers.
  • Several cosmetic improvements with no change in the meaning

The WCA Council Member, formerly appointed by the board, has been now approved by the General Assembly.

Activity and financial reports, motions and bylaw changes can be found here (in German):

Translations of the Activity and Financial reports to English will be started soon.

The officials for the unincorporated associations in Austria were informed about the GA, the new board and the changes in the bylaws.

Closing event WLM exhibition Perg


On December 19, 2012 the closing event of the Wiki Loves Monuments exhibtion in the city of Perg took place. About 30 guests, including the Mayor and the city manager of Perg and a local press representative, took the last chance to see the award-winning photgraphs of national and international monuments and learn more about Wikipedia and Wikimedia. The event was the conclusion of an exhibition which started in August with the "Ortsbildmesse", is an annual fair regarding the development of villages and towns in the federal province of Oberösterreich (see WMAT'S report August 2012).