Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Österreich/December 2011

The General Assembly


On Sat. Dec. 10 the annual General Assembly of WMAT had been in Vienna. The reports (financial and annual reports) had been approved by the General Assembly. A new member of the board has been elected, since one member had resigned due to other occupations. The new member is Michael Kranewitter. He was welcomed by the board. The transcript of the General Assembly has been published by the timekeeper. The officials for the unincorporated associations in Austria had been informed about the GA and the changing of one board member.

Annual report


The annual report of WMAT for 2010/2011, given to the members in hardcopy during the general assembly of WMAT has been published in the members' wiki in German language: and

Grant Agreement


The Grant Agreement between WM Foundation and WMAT for 2012 has been signed.



5,000 Euro for the acquisition of a bookscanner have been assigned to the budget of 2012 according to the decision of the GA. A request concerning the support of this acquisition has been sent to WMDE.

Preparing 2012


Some things had to be prepared for 2012.

  • The servers for our wikis (members, internal and WLM jury) have to be upgraded to provide better communication. The expenses have been approved by the General Assembly of WMAT
  • Improvements proposed by the General Assembly concerning the support of the members have to be installed
  • WMAT is applying for an information booth at the Ortsbildmesse (fair about towns' and villages' character and appearance) in Perg in August 2012
  • The design for information booklets on Wikimedia projects has to be prepared
  • The grant for buying books as sources for important Wikipedia articles was raised to 2,000 Euro for 2012
  • Manuel Schneider, member of the board of WMAT will lead a team of volunteers preparing the WikiCon 2012 for all German speaking Wikipedians from all countries. The meeting finally took place in Dornbirn, August 30th to Sept. 2nd 2012.