Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Österreich/August 2011



Wikimedia Österreich sent nine persons to Wikimania 2011 in Haifa.

  • three board members, two as board representatives, one on chapter scholarship, two additional board members came on their own
  • four on chapter scholarship
  • one on a special chapter scholarship for the upcoming slovakian chapter
  • one software developer that has developed the Collaborative Watchlist to particpate on the MediaWiki Hackathon

Wikimedia CEE


Wikimedia Österreich was invited to participate at the CEE meeting - CEE is "Central and Eastern Europe".

The result of the meeting was that a new mailinglist - hosted by Wikimedia Polska - has been created where Manuel represents the Austrian chapter.

There are plans to have a CEE chapters meeting by the end of the year in Prague, organised by Wikimedia Czech Republic and supported by the CEE chapters.

Fundraising / Grant


Wikimedia Österreich has already signed the Fundraising Contract but cannot obtain tax-deductability. After the "Letter from the Board" the WMAT board held a meeting in Haifa.

The discussion with Barry ended with the following conclusions:

  • WMAT accepts the arguments of WMF to consolidate the fundraiser
  • WMAT will continue to finish up for the fundraiser, get CiviCRM and the program plan ready on time
  • the program plan will either bei used for a grant by the WMF or as fundraising target
  • it is Barry's responsibility to make sure the grant system supports this kind of grants and WMAT is able to get a grant regarding their program plan. Otherwise WMAT will insist in fundraising.



Since July Wikimedia Deutschland promised to transfer the domain to Wikimedia Österreich. Wikimedia Österreich has also offered to reimburse the costs of the hosting for the last years to Wikimedia Deutschland.

Somehow the transfer couldn't start yet, even though there have been two ChProv attempts which both timed out after 30 days. Questions regarding this situation remain unreplied.