Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimedia Österreich/April 2012

Board Meeting in Graz

  • The results of the meeting are published on our members' wiki. There will be a job advertisment for a CEO. The head-quarter of the chapter move from Graz to Vienna.

Infrastructure, etc.

  • WMAT has contracted a legal costs insurance and a general liability insurance.

There has been a meeting with members of the chapter and the Austrian Bundesdenkmalamt (nacional agency responible for all monuments concernings) to plan the cooperation. There will be a joint folder for the "Tag des Denkmals" (day of the monument). The international kickoff-meeting took place in Dresden.

WMF-board election


The candidates are discussed and the favored candidates are chosen.


  • WMAT will support the organizers by providing its bank account and CiviCRM. We also applied for a WMF-grant for the project.