Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Wikimédia Magyarország/November–December 2008

Wikimedia Hungary Report
Volume I, issue #2
November–December 2008

This is the second report of the Hungarian Wikimedia chapter, Wikimédia Magyarország about the events covering November and December of 2008.



November 2008

  • On 3 November Wikimédia Magyarország has been recognised as an official chapter of Wikimedia Foundation.
  • On the same day the Metropolitan Court of Budapest in a not yet legally binding warrant registered the association and assigned it the classification "organisation of public utility". The warrant came into force on 24 November. (A Hungarian press statement was prepared for the occasion, and the news was covered in the Hungarian Wikinews).
  • An e-mail account was set up in the OTRS system of Wikimedia: wm-hu {at}
  • A server and a new homepage was set up, and made public (21 November). The design of the official website available at has been inspired by the homepages of the Dutch and Italian chapters.
  • Wikimedia Hungary, in cooperation with Wikimedia Nederlands prepared and sent a response to the European Commission green paper entitled "Copyright in the Knowledge Economy".

December 2008

  • A board meeting was held on 2 December to decide on financial matters of the association.
  • During the following week we have registered at the Hungarian Tax Authority (APEH, 4 December) and opened a bank account (8 December).
  • We posted an only membership form so that new members could join. For purposes of membership fee administration we expect new joinees in the new year.
  • The planning of the programs and activities for 2009 continued throughout the month.


  • We have participated at a meeting of the Hungarian Association of the History of Science, Technology and Education at the boardroom of the library of ELTE University.
  • We were also represented at the third annual regional conference of Wikimedia Srbije in Belgrade (19-21 December). The conference has seen the presentations of Wikipedians and experts of different educational field, and it was a good opportunity to meet the invited Wikipedians and chapter representatives from Srbia, Croatia, Poland, Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We were invited by and our participation was supported by Wikimedia Serbia, for which we are most thankful.


  • On 15 December we have accepted the fundraising agreement of the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), and after it was signed by them too we have been a participating chapter in the annual fundraising drive.
  • Since 1 July 2008 there have been over 170 donations in Hungarian forints to the WMF, totalling over $2600. Most of this was received during the year-end fundraising period, with a noticeable increase after the Hungarian translation of Jimmy Wales' appeal went live. Our chapter during the same period has received about $150 worth of donations. Fundraising activities are ongoing at press time.

News from the Hungarian Wikimedia projects

  • The Hungarian Wikisource has reached 6000 articles on 10 November, and a further milestone of 7500 articles was achieved on 13 December.
  • The Hungarian Wikipedia reached 110,000 articles on 12 November, and the 350 featured articles mark on 12 December.
  • The Hungarian Wikibooks has reached 5000 articles on 18 November.
  • The Hungarian Wikiquote has more than 750 articles since 25 November.
  • On 17 November the Flagged Revisions extension was switched on the Hungarian Wikipedia. (A news release was prepared and the news was reported in the Hungarian Wikinews.)

Press and media appearance