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Activity report

September 2019

Editing weekendEdit

On the weekend on 8th and 9th of September we have held an editing weekend on the topic Basketball players on the World Cup 2019 in China. The editing activity was attended by 1 user who have created 4 new articles in the field of basketball.

WikiSketch Lessons: Teachers trainingEdit

In September we have continued with the project called WikiSketch Lessons, with two new users, teachers of Macedonian language and literature from the gymnasium Josip Broz - Tito. They created seven new articles in the field of grammar and phonetics as well as literature related topics. This training was the initial introductory lesson on the request of the teachers due to their plan to introduce and establish Wikipedia within their schooling program. Training will continue in several more sessions in the following months with the teachers and their students who will apply to participate in the Wikipedia section in their Macedonian language and literature classes. Nevertheless, during this month Wikisketch lessons have continued regularly with other participants such as user who had participated in WikiLeague project, who broadened his knowledge by contributing with creation of 2 new articles about cities in Italy and Slovenia.

WikiCity Club in StrumicaEdit

On 25th of September the first event of WikiCity Club had been organized in the city library "Blagoj Jankov - Mucheto" in the town of Strumica. WikiCity Club is a new second consecutive joint project with Goethe-Institut which is aiming at creating and increasing content and articles for German culture into Macedonian through Wikipedia by translating content from Wikipedia into German, which goal is to bring closer the German culture and German-related topics to Macedonian readers. Entire event lasted for 3 hours beginning shortly before 13 o'clock and ending at 16 o'clock consisting of workshop for instruction about editing on Wikipedia which was followed by edit-a-thon on which the participants were creating articles by choosing topics from lists about German literature, German music, German film and Cultural heritage of Germany. The event was attended by 7 participants who have created 16 new articles on German related topics by translating from German Wikipedia as well as creating some of them through coded editing. Our member and administrator of Wikipedia, Aleksandar Popovski, gave great support for the realization of this event, as well as volunteering as a photographer.