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Activity report

October 2016


Wikiexpedition to Probištip-Zletovo regionEdit

On 29th of October 2016, four members of Wikiexpedition conducted a one-day research trip to Zletovo-Probistip region which today is in the area of ​​the only municipality Probistip.

Due to the lower number of villages, members decided that one day is enough to cover this municipality. The expedition began early in the morning at six o'clock with departure from Skopje, and through the regional road Skopje-Sveti Nikole Probistip, whereas participants accessed from the western part of the Municipality of Probistip.

Throughout the day, participants generally moved around on the regional road Kratovo-Probistip, visiting nearby villages, ending up with 16 villages in total visited at the end of the day.

Besides capturing panoramic photos of the villages, which is because of their good location of the villages thus it is easy to create, were captured and many rural churches, the famous Monastery of Lesnovo, the monasteries around Zletovo and Zletovska River and the dam Pisica, which is still in construction.

Geoexpedtitions to Šar and Mokra mountainsEdit

This month have been conveyed the second part of the both geoexpeditions on the biggest mountains in Macedonia - Šar mountains and Mokra massif. Both of the expeditions were conducted by Македонец in part of the mountains different from the previously visited areas in order to cover as much as possible of the area of their range.

On 2nd of October 2016, Македонец participating as an organizer of the Mountaineering hiking challenge "12 peaks" have visited Lisec peak on Golešnica mountain thus taking photographs of several other peaks, mountains, streams.

At the end of the month, on 30th of October 2016, Македонец have visited the Ezerski Vrv, peak in the northeastern part on the beginning of the main ridge of Šar mountains where he have also visited and took photographs of the two glacial Dobroški Lakes and surrounding peaks such as Dobroški, Ezerska Chuka, Kukjinogledski, Piribeg, Ljuboten.

Archaeoexpeditions to Tranupara-Konjuh and Markovo Kruvče‎Edit

Abundance of activities on field research on project this months was enriched with visits of two archaeological sites for the project archaeoxpeditions.

On 13th of October 2016, Македонец have visited the archeological site of the medieval fortress of King Marko called Marko's Towers on the eastern slopes of Vodno mountain near Skopje.

Two weeks later, on 26th of October 2016, Македонец and Иван Ж visited the archeological site called Golemo Gradiste near the village of Konjuh in Kratovo region, which is supposed to be the remnants of the late ancient Roman and Byzantine city of Tranupara. This archeological site is the biggest one in the whole region of northeastern Macedonia and one of the biggest and most notable in the whole country. With this and the first archaeoexpedition to ancient cities of Tauresium and Baderiana held in March, the project of Archaeoxpedition for this year was successfully completed with 100 pictures uploaded as well as 3 new articles created and 3 articles highly improved.

Editing challengesEdit

Editing competition "Cities of Europe"Edit

This month we held the Cities of Europe Editing competition (Уредувачки натпревар „Градови во Европа“) that took place from 7th October to 6th November 2016. We decided on this topic, as on Macedonian Wikipedia has a lack of articles of many cities in Europe.

There were 6 participants on the competition, who created 161 article, with a more than 20 different countries in Europe.

Edit-a-thon on the topics from Medicine with EMSAEdit

Participants of the Edit-a-thon

On 1st of October 2016, we have organized our third edit-a-thon this year. This edit-a-thon was realized with EMSA - organization of students of medicine and research, on the topic of their field of study. The edit-a-thon which took part at Seavus Business Incubator, had 8 participants and we are very satisfied of our collaboration. They have edited ( created or improve) 23 articles in a field in a medicine studies.We have plan to organize another Edit-a-thon with EMSA, because they are very interested to create more articles about their field.

Editing dayEdit

On 30th October we held a Hungarian Revolution Editing day (Уредувачки ден „Унгарска револуција (1956)“) inspired by editing efforts of our Hungarian colleagues and huge lack of coverage on Macedonian Wikipedia about this important part of Hungarian history, and part of world history. As with any other editing day, it took place in the 24-hour period on that day. We had a modest participation of 4 people, creating 10 articles and improving 1 article.


This month two photohunts have been conducted. First one covered the landscapes, architectures and objects in the village of Strezovce in the Kumanovo region, while the second Photohunt covered the monuments of the Second World War in the city of Skopje. The second photohunt dedicated for photographies of the monuments of the National liberation struggle during the World War II, have actually started in the last week of Octomber and was finished in the first week of November.


One of the most significant and renowned projects of Shared Knowledge have proceed to its completion this month. Wikiexperiments project by Shared Knowledge aimed at recording high-quality videos of systematically selected experiments for the purposes of illustrating important scientific concepts and phenomena in various sciences which started in December 2015 and continues well into 2016. In total number of 45 physics and chemistry experiments recorded by Shared Knowledge are going to be published on Wikimedia Commons and used on Wikipedia and elsewhere. This month Wikimedians from Shared Knowledge have uploaded, sorted, wrote descriptions and started adding the videos of the experiments on the English language version of Wikipedia. The videos recorded on this project will continue to be used for a numerous new appropriate articles which will be created on the Macedonian Wikipedia.


This October was the last month of the Wikimedian-in-Residence at MANU according to this annual plan. However, the work of our Wikimedian-in-Residence in MANU will continue with his work until the end of the year providing materials and support on voluntary basis. During this month the entire book "Settlements in Prespa - location, historical development and past" written by Vlado Jovanovski in 2005 on 526 pages was double scanned on 256 pages and than it was added to the article. This book was borrowed from the MANU Library and taken on the field research trip research on Wikiexpedition to Prespa held in September and it will be used for further editing of the articles for the settlements in the region. Furthermore, another entire book of poetry "Shadows" published by Jovan Koteski in 1972 on 24 pages was scanned uploaded. Finally, this month ended with 22 articles improved and 7 new articles created. By the end of the previous month, the entire round of 12 months of working were completed with the following outstanding results:

Total number of files provided 415
Percentage of files used 97,59%
Total file usages 891
Total number of edited articles 341
Total number of created (new) articles 60
Total number of improved articles 269
Total number of Wikipedias where the materials are used 31
Total number of books (and scientific articles) scanned 40
Total number of pages scanned 4618
Participation and providing materials for other projects of Shared Knowledge on Wikipedia 6
Edit-a-thons organized 1

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