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Activity report

November 2016

Maleševo WikiexpeditionEdit

On 12th November a team consisted of Македонец, Ehrlich91, Kiril Simeonovski и Petrovskyz headed towards Maleševo region, to conduct the 6th and last wikiexpedition for this year. This region was chosen to be the last for the year because the small number of villages and the great distance from Skopje, which means that the Wikiexpedition could be easily undertaken on the short daylight in this period of the year. On the first day they entered the region from the northwest and visited all villages of the western and northern part of the Municipalities of Berovo and Pehčevo. The first day ended with 7 villages visited and one touristic site called Ramna Reka near the springs of Bregalnica river with few waterfalls. On the next day, on 13th of November, members of the Wikiexpedition started from Aurora Resort towards the easternmost and all villages in southern and central part of Berovo Municipality visiting 5 villages and the centers of the towns of Berovo and Pehčevo where all of the notable objects and most important institutions were photographed.


This month our members Македонец and Ehrlich91 rode their bicycles to complete the Veloexpedition project for this year.They have decided to visit the western part of Skopje region, separately whereas Ehrlich91 rode his bike in to the southwestern part to Kozjak dam while Македонец have visited the northwestern part on the slopes of Žeden mountain. There the have made photographs of all the villages, landscapes, mountains, one cave and all other geographical features, social and economic objects. By this they have covered the entire region around Skopje which have also been visited on bicycles on several location during the spring.

Editing competition "Cities of Europe"Edit

Main page: Википедија:Уредувачки натпревар/Градови во Европа

In the first week of November the third of our Editing competitions for 2016 that took place from 7 October to 6 November have been completed. The topic was Cities of Europe and this was an important undertaking, as on Macedonian Wikipedia has a lack of articles of many cities in Europe.

There were 6 participants in the contest, creating a total of 161 articles of good size and great quality.

The three award winners are soon to be determined by our jury.