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Activity report

May 2019

WikiLeague: Edit-a-thon on Cultural Heritage of GermanyEdit

On 1st of June, we have organized the fourth and the last edit-a-thon event from the spring editing challenge called WikiLeague which this time was dedicated on topics of the cultural heritage of Germany which encompassed editing and creating articles about buildings, castles, fortresses, historical and natural landmarks, natural rarities, archaeological sites and cultural and historic places in Germany which are part of the UNESCO World heritage sites as well as the permanent and temporary list of cultural heritage of Germany. Same as all the previous thre edit-a-thons of WikiLeague this event has also started at 10 o'clock and took place at the electronic class room of the National and university library where the participants have been editing for six hours until 16 o'clock choosing from a list of recommended topics but also editing by their own knowledge and even one participant with largest number of contributions used the chance to create article from the previous topic about German music. This edit-a-thon was attended by 7 participants who have contributed by creating 41 new articles in total out of which 39 are about the cultural heritage in Germany and 2 about German music, and this lesser number comparing to previous edit-a-thons is due to the more difficult and wider scope of the topic. The entire spring challenge WikiLeague organized in collaboration with Goethe Institute in Skopje will finish after the last three week long online editing competition about cultural heritage of Germany which will be widened with the previous three themes after which the most valuable participants with the highest contribution in number of articles and the best created article will be awarded with prizes.

WikiSketch LessonsEdit

This June we have continued with the project called WikiSketch Lessons which has started last September in 2018 as a pilot project and a new kind of activity intended to grow up the knowledge of Wikipedia by providing quick and fast training for working on Wikipedia by creating and editing articles, uploading images, doing a research on highly skilled individuals who are not yet contributing users on Wikipedia. Within this month we have engaged 3 participants out of which 2 are newly registered users all of whom with different professional and educational backgrounds including videoanimations and videogame programming, economy and biology. The total outcome from the activities of WikiSketch Lessons in June is 5 newly created articles.


Wikitranslate project have continue in this month with the fourth turn of activities this time focused on creation new articles by translation from English language


In June we had the first photohunt for this year which was realized voluntarily with no financial support from Shared Knowledge. The photohunt was conducted on few villages on the eastern foothills of Korab mountain, resulting with dozen of high quality pictures of rare views of objects such as churches, houses, waterfall, rivers and panoramic views made by our longstanding contributor Sofija Spirovska