Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Shared Knowledge/July 2020

Wikisketch LessonsEdit

Wikisketch - An archaeology template being created

This project is still on. Our existing volunteer-student at Archaelogy created 22 templates about archaeological sites on municipal level.

Editing daysEdit

This month our first 24 hour project was on July 2 and was named "Clouds". Three people joined and created six articles about types of clouds. On 5th was "Emotions" which had eight created pages by five participants. Then, on 9th, we held the "Archaeological sites at region of Prilep" and had 14 new articles by four participants. On 14th, our users' group organised the "Voting Systems" day and it was attended by three persons who contributed in seven created articles. Then, on 16th, there was "Archaeological sites at region of Veles". That time 16 article got created out of four people. Six days later, there was "European sanjaks of the Ottoman Empire" that scored eight created and one improved article by three users. The second last editing day, on June 28, was named "Archaeological sites at region of Probištip" and in that occasion four men were included and created 27 articles. The final was called "Grammatical cases" which produced six brand new articles by three participants.

Editing weekendsEdit

"Logic" was the first editing weekend that resulted with 12 creations by three Wikipedians. The second weekend was appointed in video games. That occasion, three men created eleven pages. Three participant created 16 articles at the topic "Croatian Islands" editing weekend (July 18 and 19). Then, on 25 and 26 this month, four people participated and contributed in 34 new articles at the topic "Italian Literature".