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Activity report

July 2018

Photohunt on the D Festival in DojranEdit

"D Festival" is the biggest open air festival that is organized every July in the lake resort and town of Dojran in southeastern part of Macedonia where several Macedonian and foreign popular artist and musicians are preforming on a three day program on 4 different stages including the main stage, the Mosquito stage in the camp where most of the attendants of the festival are setting up tents, lakeside stage and church stage in the old church of St. Elijah above Dojran. This year we used the chance within the project of Photohunt through a lottery to grant a ticket for the all stages of the D Festival with a task for the lucky winner to take photographs of the artist, bands performing in order to create and improve articles on the Wikipedia on Macedonian and other languages. Regarding that the applicants who did not have an account on Wikimedia had the advantage for being chosen for granting the ticket and conducting the photohunt, the newly registered User:Ntnmstchk have been granted the ticket and made dozens of high quality photographs which are in process of uploading and will be used for creating and improving articles in the forthcoming period.

Macedonianess project revisitedEdit

Logo of the Macedonianess project

After two years since the begging of the project "Мacedonianess" started and conducted by the Wikimedian-in-Residence at MANU in 2016, this month was renewed with a new works and content provided on its thematic scope. The project which is on a voluntary basis aims to cover all or as many significant books and works by gathering and documenting, digitising and processing the content of the works that attest to the historical development of the Macedonian national awakening, the Macedonian national identity and consciousness, uniqueness and originality and the process of creation of the modern Macedonian nation through the 19th and 20th centuries. This month after we have provided the book Macedonian matters published in 2013 as a collection of works at the 60th anniversary of the work of academician Blaze Ristovski, the projcet Macedonianess was revisited with creation and improvement of several articles on the Macedonian Wikipedia. Moreover, this project has been enriched by two other newly created articles about the books Sociology of the Macedonian national consciousness published by 1992 and Stories of Great Alexander published in 1845, which was provided for scanning by our partner institution National and University Library "St. Clement of Ohrid" in Skopje, late in September.

WikiBeer project at Pivo Fest in PrilepEdit

WikiBeer project have continued with the visit of the city of Prilep which is a home of the second biggest brewery founded in 1924 and the oldest and first Macedonian beer festival "Pivo Fest" which is organized since 2002. The trip was organized on the opening day of the festival on 12th of July, where the members of the team with a new volunteer and the newly registered user ПрИлеП киН have visited and took several photographs of the production facilities of the Prilep Brewery around noon. In the afternoon hours the team visited the opening and the stages of the beer festival Pivo Fest where several other pictures have been taken.

Wikiexpedition in DrimkolEdit

This month the third consecutive Wikiexpedition was conducted in the region of Drimkol of southwestern Macedonia. In the weekend of 21st and 22nd of July the team now again enhanced by a new member, the long-time professional photographer and participant in several photographic competitions, Darko Cvetanoski (User:Darkocv) headed towards the valley of the Black Drim river encompassing two ethnographic regions of Drimkol and Malesija. During the expedition in two days have been traveled more than 600 kilometers and visited more than twenty villages where over a hundred of photographs including panoramic views, cultural heritage, religious objects and institutions were taken.

Editing Day: FIFA World Cup 2018 ManagersEdit

On 4th of July, we had held the eight editing day for this year dedicated on the managers of the national football teams which were competing on the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. Considering the lack of the biographical articles on this topic on the actual event this editing day had an outcome of 6 newly created and 4 improved existing articles edited by 3 participants.

Visit of a Food Cooperation "Our Good Land"Edit

Within the scope of the project of Agroexpeditions this month we have realized a visit of one of the first food cooperatives in Macedonia, which is organized as a association of consumers of food oriented towards providing organic produced vegetables and fruits. This visit aimed to collect information and data of this relatively new trend in the Macedonian agriculture, economy and society at general, regarding that the food cooperatives of this kind in Macedonia are introduced and opened in the recent years on the pattern of the Western European and American food-corps and food cooperatives and show significant growth. Upon a wide comprehensive presentation by us, the leading figures showed great interest in using Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects and will start contribute to Macedonian Wikipedia and Wikipedia Commons as well as our projects by providing and adding content on food and agriculture related topics, thus the Food Cooperative registered new user account by which will share information and knowledge contributing to Wikimedia projects and the internet space.

Editing weekend on Macedonian CuisineEdit

On the last weekend of July we have held our eleventh editing weekend dedicated on the Macedonian Cuisine. Considering the large number of the images taken and uploaded on the last year's Wiki Loves Food photographic contest which are still not used and the large number of Macedonial traditional dishes on its list which lack of articles we came up the idea of this topic. Moreover, the summer is the period where many traditional dishes are prepared in Macedonia. Four different users participated creating 24 new articles and improving one thus placing this editing weekend on the fourth place according the outcome, so far in this year.