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Activity report

July 2017

Editing ChallengesEdit

Editing Weekend for BeerEdit

In the period from 15th to 16th of July 2017, was held an editing weekend on the topic "Beer". On the challenge 4 participant took part creating 10 new articles, half of which created by the user Иван Ж. Participants have used the materials, text, media from other language editions of Wikipedia, to create or improve articles on beer, thus improving the content and information on Macedonian language for this most popular beverage.

Wikiexpeditions 4 in the Reka region of Western MacedoniaEdit

In the last weekend of July from 28 to 29th, the fourth Wikiexpedition have been conveyed in the region of Reka in the Western Part of Macedonia, one of the most beautiful and picturesque mountainous parts of the country which is also a part of the Mavrovo National Park. Initially the plan was to visit only the northern part of the region known as Gorna (Upper) Reka but it was extended and included the southern part of Dolna (Lower) Reka, thus conducting another very successful expedition. The team consisted of Toni Ristovski (Ehrlich 91), Kiril Simeonovski and Nino Bogdanovski, in two days have visited and photographed 27 villages and 2 historical sites (former villages) and 1 waterfall, as well as numerous religious buildings, numerous panoramic photographs and passing more than 400 kilometers in two days, part of which was off road to the most remote villages on the foothills of the highest Macedonian mountain - Korab.

Agroexpedition 2 in Strumica RegionEdit

On 19th of July, the second part of the Agroexpedition has started with a visit by Mario Sharevski (Македонец) of the region of Strumica in Southeastern Macedonia, which is the largest vegetable producing and most developed agricultural region of Macedonia. The expedition was conducted by photographic fields with pepper and pepperoni, tomatoes and corn in the vicinity of Strumica. As it was case of the previous agroexpedition, the second cycle will last in during the months of August, September and October in order to cover and photograph the processes of ripening and harvesting of as many crops as the agricultural processes in this period of the year.