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Activity report

January 2019

Editing daysEdit

In the new 2019 year we have organized two editing days in January, dedicated on the topics about Men's World Handball Championships due to the ongoing Handball World Cup in Germany and Denmark and about Basketball teams in NBA. The first editing day was held on 9th and the second on 24th of January whereas 8 users took participation with contribution of 16 newly created articles.

Editing weekendsEdit

The new 2019 we have started with three editing weekends organized in January. Topics of the two editing weekends held on 12-12 and 19-20 January were Germany and Danmark due to the World Handball Championship organized in those countries, while the third editing weekend held on 26-27 of January was dedicated on the topic about Painters. All three editing weekends were attended by 5 participants who have contributed with 54 newly created and 12 improved articles.

Wikipedia 18Edit

Traditionally, the celebration of the 18th birthday of Wikipedia was marked on an event organized in the Concept 37 club in Skopje. The event included a broader program of activities such as presentations about Wikipedia and editing articles on Wikipedia, granting the awards to the winners of the Wiki Loves Food 2018 photographic contest and the last editing competition about Islands organized in December, as well as accolades to most contributing members of the community and short Wikisketch training. Тhe occasion of the 18th birthday of Wikipedia attracted quite large audience of more than 30 attendees. Also, several media such as web portals, newspapers have written articles and we were guests on the morning program of the Macedonian National Radio where we have talked about Wikipedia.