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Activity report

January 2017

Wikipedia 16Edit

To mark the 16th anniversary of the founding of Wikipedia (Wikipedia 16), Shared Knowledge held a series of events in honour of this occasion. The second and important purpose of the events was to familiarise the public with the movement and its values, and invite them to participate.

French Literature editing contestEdit

This competition started on 26 December and will continue into the new year, until 26 January 2017. The aim of the competition is to enrich our wiki with articles on French literature. The best competitors will be awarded prizes.

Astronomy Editing WeekendEdit

On the weekend of 28-29 January, the first editing weekend took place on the Macedonian Wikipedia on astronomical topics. Four users participating created a total of 16 articles. The editing weekends were introduced in 2017 and a very similar to the editing days introduced a year before, with the main difference that the period for editing is two times longer and the selected topics are more general.