Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Shared Knowledge/February 2020

Edit-a-thon on Human rights topicsEdit

On 7th of February we had organized an edit-a-thon on the topics about Human Rights together with "Institute for Human Rights" conducted in "American corner in Skopje". The event was attended by 8 participants, 18 articles were created and 1 article was improved.

Editing weekendsEdit

On 8/9th, 15/16th and 22/23rd, we have held an editing weekends. Тhe topics were related to Drama, Meterology and Ancient Greek mithology. On the first editing weekend, 5 participations of the users were engaged in creating 10 new articles. Meterology weekend resulted with 6 new and 1 improved article. The third weekend, ten new articles and one improved were edited by three users.

Wikiclub FINKIEdit

On February 22, the Wikiclub FINKI was opened. Club's quarters are at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering Skopje. The first event produced 7 new articles by three users. Three more event in near future will be held.

Educational program: Editing class in Faculty of Natural Sciences and MathematicsEdit

On 26th of February we continued our educational program support by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia for which funds have been approved for the project "Education through Wikipedia" in "Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics" in collaboration with "Departmant of Physic". The event was attended by 9 participants and 3 Shared Knowledge members, 15 articles were created.