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Activity report

December 2016

Medicine Edit-a-thon pt.2Edit

Participants of the edit-a-thon

Following the successful edit-a-thon and cooperation with the Association of the Students of Medicine (EMSA), for the 4th edit-а-thon this year it was chosen to continue with editing articles on medical topics.

Completion of Education programmeEdit

Rewarding T-Shirts with Wikipedia logo for the Education Programme

This December the Education programme in Josip Broz-Tito High School in Skopje for the year of 2015/2016 have successfully come to the end. As a reward for the outstanding achievements and results of the participants, "Shared Knowledge" have printed t-shirts with the logo of Wikipedia which have been officially awarded to the students. The main goals of this project was to introduce Wikipedia to the young high school students thus providing them a chance to enrich it with information from their school books and learning materials.

Editing competition "French literature"Edit

By the end of this month on 26th of December we have started our fourth editing competition which will continue in the new 2017 year until 26th of January. The topic of the editing competition is French literature, and we expect a considerable amount of newly created and improved articles as well as new participants who will become more active editors and volunteers on Wikipedia projects.