Wikimedia chapters/Reports/Shared Knowledge/August 2020

Editing weekendsEdit

The first weekeend was themed on the national Macedonian holyday St. Elyah and we named it simply "Macedonia". This wider topic achieved 16 new and one article related to our homeland and was attended by four people. On 8th & 9th, "Time" was conducted and in that occasion three men edited about six new pages. Next was named "Photography" and that weekend five users got included and created 18 articles. Then there was "Pirates" that got interested in three men who created seven pages. The final weekend was appointed for "Samurais". In those two days, four men got involved and created eight pages.

Editing daysEdit

The three men included at the "Archaelogical sites at Vinica region" contributed in 32 new articles. On 6th, the editing day "Roman provinces" was organised and resulted in 10 creations out of five Wikipedians. The third one this month was scheduled as "Archaelogical sites at Kratovo region" and was atteded of four users that produced 14 new articles. Again with Roman Empire related topics, on 13th we held "Roman (administrative) themas" that was comprised of three men and they acumulated seven new articles. We again continued with the archaelogy topics because on 18th, "Archaelogical sites at Ohrid region" got accured and 9 pages got created, comprised of two Wikipedians. On 20th, "Stationery" was the topic and was participated by four users who contributed in seven creations. Five days later, we organised "Archaelogical sites at Štip region" and it was successfull because 52 articles got created by participation of four users. And the last one this month, was called "Acts of the Apostles" and atracted five people who contributed twelve newly established articles.

Sketch lessonsEdit

This month, the archaelogist student created seven templates on municipal level archaelogical sites. Then she created three articles about various topics.