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Activity report

April 2019

Editing competitionEdit

This March and April we have organized a editing competition related at Central and Eastern Europe. The goal was to help in improving and creating articles on various topics about the regions of Central and Eastern Europe in the Macedonian Wikipedia. This edition we had planned three awards for the top three placed in the competition plus three bonus awards. The editing competition which lasted from 21st March until 20th of April has ended up with 162 covered articles, of which 161 new articles and 1 improved article, edited by 7 participants.

Archaeoexpedition at the Audarist ancient cityEdit

WikiLeague: Edit-a-thon on German FilmEdit

On 20th of April, we have organized the second of the four edit-a-thons dedicated on German culture related topics. WikiLeague which came up as a project in collaboration with Goethe Institute in Skopje that aims to bring content related to the German culture to Macedonian readers through their translation from Wikipedia to German on Wikipedia in Macedonian continued this month with edit-a-thon dedicated on the German film and cinematography. Same as the previous one this event has also started at 10 o'clock and took place at the electronic class room of the National and university library where 9 participants have been editing for six hours until 16 o'clock. All of the attendants who have been introduced to two main editing ways through the coded and visual editor and the translation tool. After the initial training all of the participants have been choosing offered topics for articles from a list consisting 100 topics divided in three main groups about: 1) German films and movies, 2) German actors and directors and 3) Film festivals, academies, events and institutions in Germany. This first edit-a-thon went successfully with a total outcome of 27 newly created articles. The topic of German Film and Cinematography will remain open for editing for the participants in the next 20 days until the next edit-a-thon scheduled for 11th of May.


Оn 23rd of April, we started to conduct the Wikitranslate project. This is a completely new project started for the very first time which aims to organize events with people with good knowledge and skills of other languages, professors, students etc., in order to create articles through translations. Also, the participants will have the opportunity to create articles through the translation tool of the Wikipedia content, to correct the translation and to upgrade it. The project started at the center of foreign languages, "Angel Ves", with professors from German, Spanish and English languages and will continue including professors and translators of other foreign languages who will create new content.

Wikiexpedition in Slavište regionEdit

Faberge Easter Eggs editing weekendEdit

On the last weekend of April which was also the Easter weekend according to the orthodox christian celebration we have organized the sixth editing weekend dedicated to Faberge Easter Eggs. This topic has been traditionally chosen during the Easter festive weekends and it is quite familiar within the Macedonian wikimedian community. The editing weekend was attended by 4 participants who have created 10 new articles.