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Activity report

April 2016

ArchiWiki edit-a-thonEdit

ArchiWiki (Архивики) was our second edit-a-thon for this year, held in conjunction with the architectural design centre Arhipunkt (Архипункт). and architectural website MARH. The purpose of this undertaking was to enrich the Macedonian Wikipedia with varied content about architecture.

On Friday, 15 April 2016, members of Shared Knowledge held a workshop in NewMan's Business Accelerator in Skopje, where Arhipunkt is located. On the first day, participants were introduced to the basics of Wikipedia editing and free licencing. The edit-a-thon itself started on Saturday, 16 April and lasted for about 8 hours.

Prior to the edit-a-thon, the organisers prepared a list of article topics, covering the following areas:

  • Architectural terms;
  • Architectural movements and styles;
  • Architects of Macedonia and the world;
  • Notable buildings in Macedonia;
  • Architectural events, awards and institutions.

The participants had been provided with a wealth of literature to use. They also created a draft-article structure for each page, so as to insure the conceptual integrity of their writing.

The edit-a-thon lasted full 8 hours and had 23 participants, who were mentored by 4 experienced community members and created a total of 41 and improved 8 articles.

You can also refer to the Facebook event page.


UEFA Champions League Finals Editing DayEdit

On 24 April we held the editing day called "UEFA Champions League Finals",

Editing Days are a regular feature of our community work, intended for writing articles on a pre-selected underrepresented topic during 24-hour period. Unlike the edit-a-thons, it is not necessary for participants to gather in-person in order to participate in an editing day, which is particularly suitable to those living in geographically remote areas.

There were 4 participants on this editing day, writing a total of 8 articles on finals of the UEFA Champions League. For their sources, articles on other wikis were used.

Wikiexpedition to Lakavica RegionEdit

Our First Wikiexpedition for 2016 was held on the weekend of 2 and 3 April, covering the Lakavica Region (Лакавичко), situated mostly in the modern Konče Municipality. The team, comprising Македонец, Ehrlich91, Kiril Simeonovski и Petrovskyz, started from Skopje in the early morning of 2 April, entering Konče Municipality by 8 AM. Although we were planning to head for the village of Garvan, one of the locals advised us about the road conditions, so we decided to cover other villages first. Thus, we first took pictures of the Mantovo Lake with its dam, and then covered the villages of Dolna Vraštica and Dolni Radeš situated on the lake shore, as well as the new holiday home settlement in the same area.

Expedition members in front of the "Welcome to Konče Municipality" sign

Having covered the coastal settlements, we continued to the village of Gabrevci, where we were very warmly received by the locals and made numerous acquaintances. We then went on to cover the settlements of Konče and Lubnica, quitting the idea to also cover Skoruša due to road conditions. In Lubnica and Konče we made excellent images of the old churches, the medieval Gorna Kula Tower, as well as the 650-year old Church of Saint Stephen in Konče, the oldest surviving building in the region. We also photographed the municipal institutions, Konče being the seat of the eponymous municipality. Later, we visited the settlements in the upper course of the Kriva Lakavica River - the villages of Gorni Lipoviḱ, Dolni Lipoviḱ and Rakitec.

Towards the end of the day, the team covered Dedino and Injevo, as the last settlements from the erea и Injevo-Konče Parish, thus concluding the expedition with a total of ten villages visited.

On the second day, the team photographed part of the public institutions in the city of Radoviš, the town centre, as well as the town churches. The initial intention was to visit the villages Garvan, Zagorci и Skoruša, thus concluding our tour of Konče Municipality, but bad weather and read conditions prevented us from doing so. We decided to head back to Skopje, and visited the villages of Piperovo and Leskovica instead.

Apart from the intended settlements, on the second day we also visited Šturovo, the Holy Trinity Church in Kozbunar (on our way to Bel Kamen Inn); Suldurci, and the city Radoviš, as well as the villages of Piperovo and Leskovica (on our way back to Skopje).

All the images taken can be found at Wikiexpedition to Lakavica Region on Wikimedia Commons.

Map of visited settlements
Settlements in Konče (left) and Radoviš (right) Municipalites covered by the expedition

Outcomes and resultsEdit

From this expedition we had 228 images from 15 different villages. So far, we had 13 new and 8 improved articles, but we are expecting more new and improved articles. We continue with great usage of photographs and in this moment the percentage is 63.16% of all images taken during Wikiexpedition to Lakavica Region.


Geoexpedition to the Mokra MassifEdit

In April we conducted the first leg of our Geoexpedition to the Mokra Massif, our first geoexpedition. This is largest mountain massif in Macedonia by area, consisting of Jakupica, Karadžica, Dautica. The expedition was conducted in two parts. The first part took place on the weekend of 22-24 April 2016, when a smaller group lead by Mario Šarevski (Македонец) headed to the railway station at Oreše, traversed the Solunska Glava peak along the source of Kadina River, the Ubava peak, the Pepeljak Ridge, Dračevski Hill, Prazna Torba, Marko's Monastery и and the Krstovar peak on Vodno mountain above Skopje, spending two nights in a tent at Babina Dupka and the surroundings of Cvetovo. This was a hiking campaign along a 78 km route, where participants took various images of mountain peaks, ridges, localities, springs, rivers and plant species.

The second part took place on the 19 June 2016, when Mario Šarevski took part in the expeditionary visit to Salakovo Lakes organised by the Transferzalec Mountaineering Society. Beside the lakes themselves, the party adcended the peaks of Ubava and Crn Vrv, and made iamges of the Pepeljak Ridge, Salakovska River and other notable areas of the mountain.

Outcomes and resultsEdit

This geoexpedition resulted in 61 uploaded images of 15 different features/landforms and the creation of 7 and improvement of 6 articles. 59 images are used in articles, representing 96.72% of total images made on the expedition.



Participants of the conference of the National Liberation Front in village of D'mbeni (Dendrohori), Aegean Macedonia in April 1944

Due to the involvement in the field research activities of Shared Knowledge such as the projects Wikiexpedition to Lakavica Region, Geoexpedition on Mokra Mountain and Photohunt in Župa and Drimkol Region, Wikimedian-in-residence at the library of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU) had a month with an average outcome of scanned material and edited articles on Wikipedia. During the month of April the Wikimedian-in-residence at MANU had scanned the entire book Macedonian Monasteries on 169 pages (the book was introduced to the members on the ArchiWiki edit-a-thon), created 1 new article and improved with materials 16 other articles in the fields of archaeology, history, botany, films and personalities. Few other books about linguistics, geography and history have started to be scanned but due to technical problems with the scanner their completion would be ready in the months of May and June.


Main page: Shared Knowledge/Projects/Photohunts

In March we published our first call for participation in Photohunts (Фотоловови) aimed at invididuals interested in going on their own mini-expeditions to take photos of cultural and natural monuments by their own choosing, or to our suggestions. The places photographed have to be such that are not yet present on Wikipedia and each undertaking is subject to approval by our community. Participants who successfully upload the photos of agreed places are then recompensed for their costs. Because some community members were interested to present their successful excursions prior to the start of the project as "photohunts", they were also allowed to submit retroactive proposals for excursions that took place within two months.

So far, we have received seven submissions for photohunts. Four of them have been approved and the discussion is ongoing for the rest. The uploaded images can be found at the dedicated Commons category.

Wikimedia CEE Spring 2016Edit

Main page: Wikimedia CEE Spring 2016

Wikimedia CEE Spring 2016 is an event organised by Wikimedians and Wikipedians from the region of Central and Eastern Europe with an aim to support article creation about every country in the region on every Wikipedia in the region. The event itself takes place from the 21 March to the 31 May. Macedonia participates among the various countries with its own topics, and by active editing of articles on other nation's topics on See Our CEE Project page for more details.

So far, our participants have written 75 articles, and this number is expected to increase during May.

Upcoming projectsEdit

The following are the project that have been organised and agreed upon to take place during the following period.

  • May 2016: Article writing as part of the Educational programme at the Faculty of Philosophy
  • late May 2016: Systematic recording of chemistry experiments as part of our WikiExperiments project, illustrating laws and phenomena in a documented and educational manner. This was agreed with Prof. Vladimir Petrušеvski at the Chemistry Institute of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University.
  • June: Wiki Loves Performing Arts - the Second part of this project will involve photo shoot of members of the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as, possibly, recording a performance to be released under a free licence. The shooting of the members of the Macedonian National Theatre has been postponed due to unforseen circumstances in their activities such as late premieres, the death of a director and other unplanned matters.
  • June: Edit-a-thon at the Union of Mathematicians of Macedonia. We will organise a writing day, engaging young (and old) mathematicians to fill-in the large gaps on this subject in the Macedonian Wikipedia.
  • TBD: Edit-a-thon of the same nature as above, with the Macedonian chapter of the European Medical Students' Association (EMSA), covering various medical topics that address large gaps in that area in the Macedonian Wikipedia.
  • April-May 2016 (perhaps further): GLAM project at the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia. Museum staff will be trained in creating articles on the collections, objects and periods represented in the Museum. Images of museum objects will be released to illustrate the content in question. Articles are then to be represented by QR-pedia code stickers and visitors will be then encouraged to use them.

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