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Website Mailing list Contact Last update
Icons-flag-bw.png BW Wikimedia Botswana Early development Meta, (doesn't exist yet)
wikimediabw (doesn't exist yet) tn:User:Oarabile Mudongo (kck, tn, en-3, zu-1, sn-1),
talk on Meta,
talk on Wikipedia
Icons-flag-by.png BY Wikimedia Belarus In discussion Meta,
wikimediaby ru:User Talk:Track13 (en, ru, be),
ru:User Talk:Pessimist2006 (ru, be)
Icons-flag-bg.png BG Wikimedians of Bulgaria In discussion info-l See Wikimedians of Bulgaria 2014-04-18
Icons-flag-ci.png CI Wikimedia Côte d'Ivoire Writing bylaws fr, en Meta Wikimedia-CI Zenman (talk) 2014-06-30
Icons-flag-dz.png DZ Wikimedia Algeria In discussion to come Meta Wikimedia Algeria/Gestion/Membres and Mohammed Bachounda 2007-07-01
Icons-flag-eg.png EG Wikimedia Egypt Writing bylaws Proposed by-laws Wikimedia Egypt mail:wikimediaeg-l Mido or/and #wikimedia-eg 2009-03-01
Icons-flag-ge.png GE Wikimedia Georgia Development. ka info(_AT_) 2010-12-17
Icons-flag-gr.png GR Wikimedia Greece In discussion Research stage Geraki or/and #wikimedia-el 2011-06-01
Icons-flag-hr.png HR Wikimedija Hrvatske Formally established under Croatian law on January 17, 2009. hr, en SpeedyGonsales, #wikimedija-hr 2011-01-12
Icons-flag-ie.png IE Wikimedia Ireland In discussion Wikimedia Ireland Community mail:wikimediaie 2014-07-26
Icons-flag-in.png IN-DL Wikimedia Delhi City Memorandum of Association has been posted on Meta. Meta Wikimedia-in-del Vibhijain 2011-06-05
Icons-flag-ir.png IR Wikimedia Iran Affiliations Committee/Resolutions/Iranian Wikimedians User Group - Liaison approval, July 2015 Meta info(at)wikimediairan(dot)ir Mardetanha 2008-07-07
Icons-flag-kg.png KG Wikimedia Kyrgyzstan In discussion Wikimedia Kyrgyzstan Aidabishkek (en, ru, tr, ky),
Maksat (en, ru, ky)
Icons-flag-kz.png KZ Wikimedia Kazakhstan Reviewing bylaws with AffCom. No currently ongoing communication. en Ashina, Alash, Rauank 2012-08-05
Icons-flag-lt.png LT Wikimedia Lietuva Stopped at discussion phase none none 2009-12-10
Icons-flag-my.png MY Wikimedia Malaysia Early development Research stage Wikimedia Malaysia (on meta) Talk:Wikimedia Malaysia 2009-01-12
Icons-flag-np.png NP Wikimedia Nepal Community Approved Draft By-Laws in Nepali Now in Lawyer's revision/ By-laws translation into English Affcom studying on proposal Meta (on meta),
F:Wikimedia Nepal; Rajesh Pandey,
Ganesh Paudel,
Saroj K. Dhakal (en, hi, ne),
Nirmal Dulal (en, hi, ne)
Icons-flag-ro.png RO Wikimedia România Early stages (planning) ro (drafts) (currently a portal) WikimediaRO-l IulianU or Razool 2005-09-26
Icons-flag-sa.png SA Wikimedia Saudi Arabia Early development Wikimedia Saudi Arabia Alrwaikm 2008-12-26
Icons-flag-sg.png SG Wikimedia Singapore Early development Wikimedia Singapore Wikimedia-SG Mailing list or #wikimedia-sgconnect 2011-04-27
Icons-flag-si.png SI Wikimedia Slovenia In discussion Writing first draft Wikimedia Slovenia (on meta),
w:sl:Wikipedija:Društvo on
none yet Wikimedia Slovenia,
Miha / xJaM / Yerpo
Icons-flag-tr.png TR Wikimedia Türkiye In discussion Early development Wikimedia Türkiye (on Meta),
wikimedia-tr #wikimedia-tr 2011-11-01
Flag of Cascadia.svg US-CAS Wikimedia Cascadia In discussion, drafting bylaws pending Meta wikimedia-cascadia Another Believer
Icons-flag-us.png US-MW Wikimedia Midwest US In discussion Meta


Varnent (talk) 2012-06-22
Flag of Texas.svg US-TX Texas Wikimedians In discussion pending Meta WhisperToMe