Wikimedia budget/2005/Q4/hosting

This is the detailled breakdown for the hosting charges on the Q4/2005 budget line.

  • Recurring fixed costs: $9,000
  • Bandwidth: $12,000
  • Provision: $3,000

TOTAL: $24,000


  • Forecast is based on previous costs, for the period 8/13/05->9/13/05, we had
    • Recurring fixed costs - $3,000/month (rack space at colo)
    • Bandwidth - 4,000/month and growing
  • Provision is for growing bandwidth costs

Email from Michael Davis (board treasurer)

FYI Hosting Costs: 

Our hosting bill went up a lot more than expected.

What happened is the colo forgot to bill us for the electricity going 
into our original cage (5 racks).  When we asked for a new contract for 
another cage, they went back and looked at the original contract and 
realize they had forgotten to bill us for 13 electric circuits which 
cost $300/mo each. That accounts for an increase of $3900/mo.

We are getting 2 new racks @ $800 each plus 9 more circuits for those 
racks.  The 2 new racks w/electric cost a total of $4,300/mo.

We are still getting 2 or 3 free racks and 3 free circuits, value