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60 aniversario del CDCH-UCVEdit

On April 26, in the framework of the 60th anniversary of the CDCH-UCV, we participated with the presentation Lies and truths on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

4to editatón WikiScouts: Women PowerEdit

On May 8 and 9, in partnership with the Scouts of Venezuela, we held the 4th edit-a-thon WikiScouts, focused on the role of women in our society. This was our first event in Valera, Trujillo state.

Editatón con el Programa Samuel RobinsonEdit

On May 10, 2019, Wikimedia Venezuela made its first edit-a-thon of the year with the kids of the program Samuel Robinson of the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). The focus of the event was to learn how to edit Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. The event was attended by about 30 people.

Editatón Knowledge for PeaceEdit

On May 17, 2019, Wikimedia Venezuela with the help of the Main Library of the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV) gather students, teachers and researchers in a face-to-face training activity with the focus of tackling Wikipedia articles with neutrality problems. Around 10 persons attended the event.

Fem-Hack Colombia 2019Edit

On July 20, with the help of a socia in Bogotá, we held an editatona (gender gap edit-a-thon) to create and improve articles on women who participated in the independence of Colombia and today no one remembers.

EDUTIC 2019Edit

On July 26, Wikimedia Venezuela participated in the 1st Conference on Media Education and Technology: EDUTIC-2019, coordinated by the Communication Research Center (CIC) of the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB).

2019 Strategy SalonEdit

As part of the strategy process framed in Wikimedia 2030, we carried out a Strategy Salon on July 25, to talk about the main challenges and concerns that the local community has for the next 10 years, focusing on the issue of censorship, online anonymity and indigenous languages.

Ciudadanos en la Era DigitalEdit

In the framework of the UCV event "Ciudadanos en la Era Digital", Wikimedia Venezuela held a workshop on Free Knowledge and Fake News in the Main Library of the UCV. The date of the event was Oct 29, 2019.

2do editatón de lenguas indígenasEdit

The 2do editatón de lenguas indígenas was an edit-a-thon that took place in Maracaibo, Venezuela between the 6th and 7th of December. The event was part of the Wikimedia Venezuela campaign to make visible our local indigenous languages and culture, especially that of the Wayú people. 17 participants improved 23 articles during the event.



During October, we carried out an edition of the online course for Venezuelan educators, designed by Wikimedia Argentina and Wikimedia Venezuela together. The course involved 45 professors, and around 200 articles were improved during the course.


La científica que nunca conocisteEdit

During March and early April, hand in hand with several Iberocoop chapters and working groups, we participated in the online contest "La científica que nunca conociste" (the women scientist you never knew).

Desafío TricolorEdit

During August, the Desafío Tricolor contest was held for a second year in a row, focused on improving the quality of articles about Venezuelan history and culture. In this opportunity, We have the participation of Wikimedia Colombia, Wikimedistas from Ecuador and Wikimedistas from Bolivia. 70 people participated in the contest.


Suena WikiEdit

Suena Wiki is our podcast. During 2019, four episodes of the season one were released in Soundcloud and in Humano Derecho radio estación.

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