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The Edo Wikimedia Hub is a Wikimedia hub under Wikimedia UG Nigeria that seeks to promote Wikimedia projects in Edo State, Nigeria by organizing Wikimedia events, campaigns to create awareness about wikimedia projects, outreach programs to recruit and train new editors. Our core value is to increase access to knowledge by collecting, developing and disseminating educational, cultural and historic content in the public domain and other licenses where anyone can access, distribute and modify the contents for free.


  1. To create awareness on Wikimedia projects and promote its use in Edo State.
  2. To help Edo state residents (most especially the youths) learn how to contribute to Wikimedia projects
  3. To organize in-person gatherings of Wikimedians in Edo State.
  4. To promote Wikimedia projects and free content in general.
  5. To encourage the use of Wikimedia resources in education (at cultural centers, associations and universities)
  6. Photography trips and upload-a-thons to teach users how to upload images to Commons and how to use them;


Based on the need to increase the reach of Wikimedia projects coverage of local content in Nigeria, and ultimately promote open source content in general, the Edo Wikimedia Hub was birth in June 2018 by Precious Ayara after she attended a Wikimedia training by Asaf Bartov in May 2018. So far, the hub has recruited seven new editors and is in the final stages of registering a fan club at the University of Benin while carrying out feasibility studies on doing same in other tertiary institutions in Edo State.


  • Organize Edit-a-thons for Wikipedia, Wikidata, etc in Edo State.
  • Promote editing of Edo-related content on Wikimedia projects.
  • Trainings on how to edit Wikimedia projects.
  • Wikipedia Education Programs.
  • GLAMs.
  • Wikipedia Campus Ambassadors.
  • Wikimedia in Residence (WIR).


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