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Wikimedia User Group China, or Wikimedia China, (中国维基媒体用户组) is a Wikimedia user group for promoting Wikimedia Movement in China. We are focusing on growing slowly but steadily as an organization. The two primary objectives are keeping hosting campaigns and personal growth of members which benefits us in return.

Wikimedia User Group China

People's Republic of China
Location China
Country codeCN
Approval dateJuly 30, 2014
Official language(s)Chinese
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History of community edit

In 2009, Chinese Wikipedia attempted to set up a local chapter and sent a letter to Chinese Authority through Jimmy Wales. However, we failed to move any further by negative response. Since then many offline activities were still held by Chinese Wikipedian volunteers in more than 7 cities. During the past few years, small communities were started and strengthened, but there was still no effective method to connect or help each other. In 2013 Wikimania, 20 Chinese Wikipedians, including members of Taiwan Chapter, decided to put the user group on the agenda.

Goals edit

  • Spreading the ideas of Wikimedia Movement.
  • Introducing Wikipedia to more Chinese people.
  • Encouraging people to become contributors.
  • Maintaining the community and obtaining more community members.
  • Helping on cooperation with other communities or institutions.
  • Helping the growth and development of other Chinese/China-based Wikimedia projects.

Members edit

Coordinators:Addis Wang, 人神之间, 乌拉跨氪, Erick Guan, Zhxy 519
Supervisors: Bencmq, Shizhao, Mountain

  • Total Member: 22

Activities edit

Clockwise from top left: Nanjing, Dalian, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou

Constitution edit

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