Wikimedia Ukraine/Staffing plan 2020

The Wikimedia Ukraine staffing plan for 2020 is largely similar to the 2019 one, with refocusing of one Project Manager positions (the 0.75 FTE one) on Communications. Our overall staffing remains unchanged at 3.5 FTE. The distribution of their hours dedicated to different projects and administrative tasks is in a separate tab of the Budget for 2020 (Wikimedia Ukraine 2020 budget and staffing breakdown).

We intend to reallocate international Wiki Loves Earth management from a project manager to a separate contractor who will be working exclusively on this project. This will avoid having a 'bottleneck' situation when Wikimedia Ukraine has reduced capacity for national projects during the WLE period and will enable us to have a decent allocation of resources to the international WLE.

Our plan for 2020 includes revaluing staff salaries by 15%, due to inflation in USD equivalent reducing staff's purchasing capacity at current pay rates, and as in most cases they were not revalued since hiring.

Project ManagerEdit

Out of two project managers in 2019, only one will be fully focused on project coordination itself. This manager is to be based in Kyiv (but can work remotely from time to time) and reports to the board. This position is a 1.0 FTE and reports to the board.

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Communications / Project ManagerEdit

The second project manager position from 2019 will be more focused on communications in 2020.

This manager will be mainly focused on communications, including design of the new communications strategy, and also on blogs, social media, press releases, coordination with volunteers, media and partners, contributions to Ukrainian and English community digests. The Communications / Project Manager will be also involved in project planning and reporting.

This is a 0.75 FTE position, based in Kyiv or remote.

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1 accountant (1 FTE, existing), based in Kyiv and continues working on finance. Reporting to the Chair of Board and working closely with the Treasurer and Project Managers.

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Office managerEdit

1 office manager (0.75 FTE, existing), based in Kyiv and continues working on office management tasks. Reporting to Project Manager, also works with the board and other staff and contractors.

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