Wikimedia Taiwan/Projects/Youth Strategy Salon - Partnerships

Date and place

  • Day : 8 September 2019
  • Time : 13:30pm-15:45pm
  • Place : Rolling in Life



The session started with participants presenting themselves.

  • Jamie Lin, Wikimedia Taiwan
  • Aaron Huang, Wikimedia Taiwan
  • reke, Wikimedia Taiwan
  • ffaar, Wikimedia Taiwan
  • Liang-chih ShangKuan, Wikimedia Taiwan
  • Allen Wang, Wikidata Taiwan
  • Aries Cs, Wikidata Taiwan
  • Monica Mu, Wikidata Taiwan
  • Jamie Tu, Wikidata Taiwan
  • Helen Chiu, Wikidata Taiwan
  • shibasalmon Wikidata Taiwan
  • Tsuna Lu, MoWiki Community(Taichung)
  • Ulysses Yang, NTU WIKI CLUB
  • FireFeather, NTU WIKI CLUB
  • Jimi zhang, Art Creator Union
  • Chien-Yu Lin, Taiwan Art Gallery Association
  • Pinhua, artist
  • David Ho, volunteer
  • Tony Kuo, volunteer
  • Yan, volunteer
  • KOKUYO, volunteer
  • Areny, volunteer

Local Context


Wikimedia Taiwan, is the local Wikimedia chapter in Taiwan. The organization was founded on February 11, 2007 in Taipei and was recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation on July 4, 2007. Not just being an official wikimedia organization in Taiwan, Wikimedia Taiwan also put lots of effort on different topics from women's rights, medicine and public health to regional development of wikimedia movement in Asia.

Right now, there are 9 board members() and 1 executive manager in Wikimedia Taiwan. We support lectures and activities to promote wikimedia movement and various projects, locally and internationally. Editathon about female scientists and activists, human anatomy and disease were held every year. We also work with various groups, government officials, universities and museums. But how to build and sustain a team with diversity, and in a manner, respond to different team cultures, remains a big challenge to Wikimedia Taiwan and local communities in the near future.

Presentation about Wikimedia movement in Taiwan

Jamie Lin
Jamie Lin, behalf Wikimedia Taiwan, Working on note-taking in this salon.
Liang-Chih ShangKuan
Liang-Chih ShangKuan, Members of Wikimedia Taiwan, share his thoughts and experiences about the strategy process of Wikimedia 2030 to the audiences and host the salon.



In today we discussed the difficulties Wikimedia Taiwan's partners face while they try to cooperate with us.

How to choose suitable cooperative partners?

In our former experience, the reasons for conflicts between Wikipedia and our partners used to belong to our partners themselves. Considering our standpoint, if our partners fail to demonstrate their ambition, or being inactive in their activities. Wikipedia Taiwan is hard to find a reasonable cause to continue this cooperation.
In the next discussing, we considered that if our partners simply satisfy with the roles as observers, would they be willing to collaborate with Wikipedia Taiwan?
We didn't think the answer would be positive. Because the Wiki's guidance for rookies is extremely unfriendly. In the situation of lacking actual guidance from members of communities, the newcomers are hard to exactly understand the models of functioning and cooperation of Wikipedia Taiwan.

Should we provide the method of consultation of Wiki?

That's a possible way, but first, we should reduce the misuses of the newcomers. In our experience, rookies usually expect the tutorial from 0% to 100%, without the longing of learning, but hoping the assistance of experiencers, it might cause our manpower wasted.
Some local communities with less scale haven't communicated with Wikipedia Taiwan yet. However, we need to contact them on our own initiative.

To sum up, we need to approach more non-wiki communities to know what we need to prepare before discussing future projects with them.

Group Pictures


Eating, communicating and thinking


Statement on your budget


This figure shows the total amount of the budget and spending on three strategy salons Wikimedia Taiwan held.

Budget Amount (USD)
Grants 1990.00
Deducted: Bank charges 0
Net income 1990.00
Expenses Amount (USD)
Space 381.7
Equipment 0
Meal and Refreshment 540.81
Facilitator 0
Transportation fee 18.71
Net Expenses 946.41
Unused funds (USD) 1043.39

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