Wikimedia Taiwan/Press Releases/Public Statement from Wikimedia Taiwan To Endorse 2017 Wikimedia Movement Strategic Direction

Why we endorse the Wikimedia Movement Strategic Direction 2017: the Perspective from Wikimedia Taiwan (English Version)Edit

As a local partner of the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia Taiwan is willing to endorse the proposed movement strategic direction as published by Wikimedia Foundation. What we imagine for the future of the movement is aligned with the future depicted in the document; especially the aspect of regional Wikimedia conferences that we have been expecting long ago. It is the same shared goal the strategic direction leads to. Therefore, we urge Wikimedia Affiliates all over the world, local communities, and contributors to support such common goals, and collaborate with us in the framework of the shared direction.

In recent years, Wikimedia Taiwan has been actively participating in the global cooperation of the Wikimedia Movement: notably the community's work on gender issues, global photo shooting campaigns such as Wiki Loves Monuments, programs related to Education Outreach, and the WikiProject Medicine. We feel the Wikimedia Movement is still prospering. However, we also have observed some setbacks close to us in eastern Asia: beginning in Hong Kong, we experienced that some nearby affiliates were de-recognized;[1] the government of China not only blocks certain versions of the Wikimedia projects but also endangers the development of certain local communities.[2]

Due to the above observation, we hope that with the new strategic direction, there will be more support for the collaborative action of localization; regardless of financial resources or experiences sharing during other regional conferences. Wikimedians in Taiwan may work closer with partners in neighboring countries, so that we could have the opportunity to make the global movement take into consideration the particular issues when reaching out in local contexts.

In Taiwan, there is a deep bench of IT talents and we have an abundant FLOSS community culture.[3] Meanwhile, our government is following the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN , setting the policy on issues like gender equality, the equality of education opportunities and resources, and boosting international partnerships.[4] We believe that along with the regional conferences of Wikimedia Movement, we will contribute more to the movement.

我們為什麼支持2030策略:來自台灣的看法 (中文版)Edit





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