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This page has instructions for users affiliated with The Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.

KTH logotype.jpg

The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) has the following user templates available on Wikipedia:

How to create a user page with the KTH templateEdit

  1. Click on you user account at the top right corner and you will be taken to a page which is not yet created or "empty".
  2. Click on Create and the toolbar will open.
  3. If you see code click OOjs UI icon edit-ltr.svg to switch to the Visual Editor.
  4. Go to insert and choose template.
  5. You should type the name of the template which is Profile KTH, or Profil KTH if you are on Swedish Wikipedia.
  6. Add your details and publish your changes.
  7. Your user page should look something like this one when you have finished.