Wikimedia Sverige/Summary

Denna sida hålls inte längre uppdaterad, och behålls främst av historiska skäl.

Short presentation of the chapter edit

  • Founded October 2007 (after 2,5 months of preparation)
  • 214 members - member fee : 10 euro
  • our second general assembly took place March 14, 2008 where our present board of seven were elected
  • our budget balance for 2010 is around 40k euro, where some income are still to be confirmed

What has been done so far edit

  • Getting established
  • Prepared basic marketing material and gaining experience from participating in marketing events
  • established contacts with key persons for future projects
  • getting some picture donations
  • had two Wikipedia Academies
  • set up wiki, blog, twitter and facebook

Plans for the future edit

  • our third Wikipedia Academy in Nov (Royal Library)

Best success edit

  • The vision for our quality initiative on Wikipedia Lennarts 10 thoughts and the invigourous response it generated from the user community.
  • The speed and success of our establishment

Worst headache edit

  • The need to quickly learn the more advanced bussiness of a Local Chapter - need to learn from others!