Wikimedia South Africa/operational Meeting 30 April 2024

WMZA Operational Meeting 30 April 2024

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  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Deon Steyn
  • Douglas Scott
  • Herschal Jackson
  • Michael Graaf
  • Ingrid Thomson
  • Jan Hendrick Du Toit
  • Khethiwe Marais


  • Jeremiah Pertesen
  • Coenraad Loubser



General Updates


SWiP Project Update and sub project planning

  • (BS) updates on successful completion of Vaal University of Technology workshop, special mention is made on venue encountering power outage which threatened the event but suitable backups were employed.
  • Delegates received the training well. Also provides update from Previous 2 Workshops (University of Zululand and Unversity of Venda)

DHL ignite

  • (BS) updates on Outcome of recent DHL Ignite Meetup.

WikiIndaba Local Scholarship committee update

  • (BS) provides update on creation of local scholarship committee comprising of Ingrid Thomson, Jeremiah Peterson, Douglas Ian Scott and Herschal Jackson.
  • This scholarship committee will provide scholarships to SACU Countries & Zimbabwe.
  • To align to the Scholarship timeline of International committee.
  • (DIS) request clarification on Banner ads. (BS) confirms non is required.
  • (DIS) request Follow up Scholarship Committee meeting to discuss execution

Action Item - (HJ) to schedule Scholarship Committee Execution meeting


  • (BS) provides outline of Bookhive engagement and explains the involvement of chapter to assist with facilitation of Grant request to Wikimedia Foundation.
  • (IT) requests clarification on information relating to the Grant Funding and the types.
  • (BS) and (DIS) explain the process and share the funding Links: Grant Funding Update

  • (DIS) provides update on the Grant Funding. Mention is made that comments are made and require response.
  • (BS) advises that he will review and comment after Board Meeting

Action Item - (BS) to share link to document to allow all members to comment/respond.

Wikimedia Flyer Design Presentation (2 Designs)

  • (HJ) excludes from Ops meeting discussion due to time.

Action Item (HJ) - 2 designs will be emailed to members.

Virtual Card Update - Bobby

  • (BS) provides update on discussions with Bank, bank confirmed 1 card is assigned to (DIS), Douglas confirmed he is not in possession. Requested a second Virtual card - no feedback received.
  • Idea is for a Virtual card to assigned to Herschal with a specified amount to enable procurement and assistance to Board/ Chapter members.
  • (DIS) confirms original requirement was to have a virtual card to allow loading of funds at request.
  • (BS) advises that this will not offset current issues, tables this for future discussion.

Changes to Chapter Accounts/Subscriptions

  • (BS) advises that new requirement exists to align all chapter accounts/subscriptions with Chapter Details to reduce issues when members leave.
  • (BS) also confirms new requirement for address to change from current address.
  • (MG) mentions secondary address supplied by Coenraad previously
  • (BS) verifies that secondary address was for a postal address at Postnet.
  • (DIS) advises on requirement to have a physical/postal address.

Action Item - (HJ) to investigate options (Virtual office service VS Postal Address(Postnet) Deadline - 03/05/2024

Meeting Adjorned

Agenda Items not discussed:

  • Reminder on Due date for Finance Submissions 15 May 2024
  • Digital Safety during elections (Presentation request from WMF)

Next Operations Meeting


May 14 2024 7:00 pm