Wikimedia South Africa/State of the Chapter 2011

Three minute presentation for the Wikimedia Chapters Conference.

Failed attempts

  • Had many failed attempts to establish chapter.
  • Managed to get new interest in May 2010.
  • Got a lot of help from Achal Prabhala, Bence Damokos and Delphine Ménard.


Groups working on their vision and mission statements for the chapter.
Supper, Day 1 of Wikimedia South Africa chapter formation session.
  • Held a workshop during August 2010 at the University of the Witwatersrand.
    • Approximately 30 people attended the workshop.
  • Resulting in the initial timeline, and much of the draft vision, purpose and possible initiatives.

People interested

  • Mailing-list has 70 subscribers.
  • Approximately 20 people interested.
  • Core team consists of only 6 people.
  • Huge problem with getting people interested to volunteer.


  • The chapter have not done any activities so far.
    • Mainly due to the fact that it was still in the formation phase.
    • Difficulties to get people interested.
  • Possible activities include:
    • Contribution to African language wikis.
    • Academic integration.
    • Documentation of non-written information.