Wikimedia South Africa/Opperational Meeting/15 November 2022

WMZA Operational Meeting 15 November 2022 Previous minutes:


  • Douglas Scott
  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Deon Steyn
  • Ingrid Thomson
  • Shupai Mchuchu (Administrator)
  • Zenande Mantlana (Intern)
  • Pfano Ranwedzi (Intern)
  • Michael Graaf


  • Khetiwe Marais
  • Nobantu Modise
  • Veer Gosai
  • Coenraad Loubser



General Updates

  • Afrikaans birthday celebreation is being held on the 16th of Novemebr in Johannesburg. This year Afrikaans Wikipedia will be celebrating its 21st birthday. Douglas Ian Scott and Bobby Shabangu will be in attendance.

Interns Introductions

  • The new Interns Zenande Mantlana and Pfano Rwanedzi Introduced themselves to the board and the board introduced themselves aswell. Bobby and Douglas give a brief overview of the type of tasks the interns are responsible for and the basics on how the chapter works. The interns can join the ops meeting and give update on their task

Afrikaans Writing Competition

  • A writing competition which was run by Roussouw, has been carried over by Deon and Douglas, which encourages peeople to add articles which are in an African langaunge. This id dependatnt on whoever wants to run the writing competition. The budget is lacking, but they is a line item which it can be taken from. There is R12000 to use, but there is a project being run by Bobby Shabangu with the Eswatini University. There is a line item, Art and Feminism which the budget can be used for the writing competition.
Deon will be running the Afrikaans competition, board mebers are welcome to run another on in another lanaguage or encorage other community members to run the writing comepetition. Douglas proposed to allocate 6000 rands to be given to the writing competiton, money to be reallocated from the unspent AGM budget. Deon, seconds Douglas's proposal, not one opposes. The budget was passed unanimously. The timeline for the competition commences mid November to Mid December.

Special Board Meeting


We need to codify board members status, expectations. a special meeting need to be held, where we focus on this. We need to look and what is needed to be a borad members, lets us look at different criterai to qualify as a board member for the Chapter. This conversation to be picked up next board meeting , when there is a full attendance of board members. The proposal was not opposed.

Holidays and Meetings


board meeting, for those who wiill be having a Chapter meeting and the Board meeting on the 12th of December. Cape Town people can meet at a coffee shop, or use CodeBridge for space to meet. Douglas to communicate with Gabby from CodeBridge about getting space.

Wikimedia South Africa 11th birthday party


In celebration of the Chapters birthday, we need to look into a way of celebration. The birthday is initially in February. The Chapter would like to celebrate for the 11th year, and showcase what the chapter has been doing and the achievements it has achieved as well as the growth of the Wikipedia langagues. A big celebration to be held next year in February. No objections to the proposal, it was seconded by Ingrid and Deon.It was proposed to have a celebration via our montly meetup as a hybrid event.