Wikimedia South Africa/Operational Meeting 4 April 2023

WMZA Board Meeting March 4, 2023 PreviousMinutes:


  • Douglas Scott
  • Micahel van Graaf
  • Kameel Pillay
  • Nkosinathi Mtswana
  • Coenradd Loubser
  • Deon Steyn
  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Zenande Mantlana



Primemasters presentation

  • Nkosi (Nkosinati Mtswana) COO and Kemeel Pillay
  • NPC and BBB Pty
  • Primestars has 18 years in Education space in SA. Impact in social challenges (math and science, 30000 matriculants in 9 provinces, 16% better - measured outcomes)

- Use of cinema and film. - Partnered with Department of Basic Education on Youth Unemployment. - GBV preventative Private, Public, Urban, Rural - Gives to Gov't national footprint - Impact, transformation, CSI funding that reaches 90000 youth - Youth insight. - All things youth are Primemasters, and they goal is to partner with the private and public sector. - Introductions were made. ad the background of the chapter and Wikipidia were given - Wikimedia stengths: Good understanding and relationship with Wikimedia communities, partners, WMF - Primestars strenghts: convening strategic collaborations to benefit civil society and young people - Gov't partners: Basic Education, Higher Education, Small Business Development and ?(one more) - decreased unemployment, curiosity, critical thinking, stem, entrepreneurship, culture, mindset - To gov't: "National platform" to reach young people - To private sectors: Banks, MNO, organizational partnerships where strategic objectives overlap - Can mobilize financial resources, measurement, organization - Programs structure: all 9 provinces, 6-12 month programmes - Based in Johannesburg, ops everywhere. Train and upskill youth and teachers to become facilitator base - Growing pool of schools applying to partner - Social compact - complimentary orgs - Content creation, MNE, Activations, etc. - DIssemination of quality information - Students in under resourced communities - Zero rated on Cell C. Buy in, ministerial support, Boys' program launching on April 9. - The know how of Primestars working with NGO's - Their projects: Take a girl child to work, running anually for 19 years, Cell C is a partner - Funding potential to expand matric math and science. More than 500 profitable businesses. - Math and science searches on Whatsapp. 40000 searches for past papers, definitions, essay topics. - "Rebuilding the South African dream" - 8-12 School learners - main focus group where aid is provided by - Maths & Science- FOCUS SUBJECT - Gender Based Violence & Entrepreneurship - Private Sector Partnerships: Cell C , Nelson Mandela Children's Fund, - 6 to 12 months programmes - Based: Johannesburg but do have initiatives around SA - Students in townships & rural areas- FOCUS - Collaboration with WIKI is for talking about expanding specifically funding. - Advantage for WIKI: - The focus is to exapnd with the partnership of the two organisations - A deeper undeestanding of the information is needed, to expand both goas of the two organisations. - Finances needs to be considered (Budget) - Broad WMZA activities: - Outreach - grow wikipedia and access. - Support - support to Wikimedia users - Next Step: MOU. Concept note. - Ideas: Douglas: Wikiversity - course materials - link to Dumisani - Coenraad: Grow local language communities. Low hanging fruit: share existing awareness materials through their networks - Bobby: Wikisource, University partnerships, free content licenses and materials - Our budget up until mid 2024 is funded. so can only apply after. - How? Awareness. Share step by step process. - Conclusion by Bobby: Possible partnership might take place via a pilot project - schools or academic project ( via use of wiki source or wiki vasity ) - online or physical project with Primestars - via email : how do we finalise project & plan how the project would look like. - We shall start the partnership in small chunk and looking at the big picture

Website workshops


Wikimedia ZA COC


General Updates


Afrikaans Wikipedia traction


- High school writing competition - everything online, traction with radio stations. Media partner. - Deon will be working on this the following week. - Coenraad will help document learnings and processes.

Namibia Workshop


- 27th of April - Network NGO. They are organizing on the ground - Windhoek University partner - Local newspaper article - Deon's costs are covered - Wikipedia day for all languages in Namibia. Potential partnership with Wikipedia