Wikimedia South Africa/Operational Meeting 27 June 2023

WMZA Operational Meeting 27 June 2023 Previous minutes:




  • Ingrid
  • Zenande
  • Bobby
  • Candy (Botswana User Group)
  • Jan Hendrick
  • Oteng (Bostwana User Group)Boby ran
  • Deon
  • Michael
  • Pfano

Apologies from Douglas and Khethiwe



General Updates

  • Botswana User group colleagues joined us as the Chapter is playing a role as their fiscal sponsor, and they will be joining the Chapters operations meeting, to get an insight on how we operate.
  • Botswana User Group Scheduled Private Call w/ Bobby, Douglas, Deon (Possible) Shupai to schedule a meeting for the chapter and Botswana User group.
  • From now onwards Botswana User Group will be joining us during meetings ( Ops) in an effort to learn and successfully ran their chapter
  • Bobby ran an edit workshop at the Goethe Institute.
  • Bobby will have an upcoming KZN Edit workshop w/ their members who have joined the Book Club & University
  • There will be a retreat coming up, for the Wiki Indaba conference which will take place in November and it will be held in Morocco. The retreat is going to be held in Johannesburg. The retreat will be held on the 24th to the 26th of July.
  • The chapter is going to have our own retreat before the Chapters AGM. The retreat will be held on the 15-18 November.
  • Board Members & staff Invited to retreat & AGM including partners, Wikimedia Foundation wants to see the impact of the chapter within the African continent.
  • 5 Million available in funding for our Chapter

Schedule a meeting with Wikimedia Botswana sometime next week

University Training Program

  • We will be running edit workshops with SADILAR about Wikipedia. This edit workshops will be run through Universities with academics within the language department. There is a budget for the project. The project plan is still in the work
  • Volunteers for SADILAR event: Bobby, Douglas, Ingrid (Maybe ??)

High School writing competition

  • Deon has 4 partners who is supporting in the Afrikaans writing competition.
  • Launch- 18 July 2023 (when schools reopen)
  • All schools are invited, but they have to be Afrikaans speaking schools.
  • Afrikaans Intern begins 1 July 2023

Media Training Phase 2

  • We had a media training for the Interns and the communication department. The first training was held in Johannesburg. The foundation wants to run a second phase of the media training in July. The second phase is
  • Second Session of MTP set to take place on 7 July 2023
  • If you are in Johannesburg and want to join the media training let us know.

The foundation will cover accommodation and the chapter will cover the 2 flights for Zenande and Shupai

Next ops meeting and Board meeting will be held on the 11th of July 2023