Wikimedia South Africa/Operational Meeting 23 January 2024

WMZA Operational Meeting 23 January 2024 PreviousMinutes:


  • Douglas Scott
  • Bobby Shabangu
  • Jeremiah Pietersen
  • Deon Steyn
  • Ingrid Thomson
  • Shupai Mchuchu
  • Jan-Hendrick du Toit

Agenda 2024


General Updates


The Board meeting for this year is on: 6 February 2024

  • Retreat results - Herschel Presentation
  • Appointment of board titles
  • Review financial report for 2022/23
  • Finance decisions to be made with the board meetings, this to be tabled then.

Interim mid-term report

  • The mid-term report needs to be written, soon seven days are left to submit. Every single board member is encouraged to write a summary of their projects from 1st of July 2023 to December 2023, to send to Douglas and Shupai, links and pictures with names of participants as well as an outcome. Members are encourage to write reports after every event on Meta, its easy to write report. Financial year starts in July. Anyone who is interested in learning o how to write a report to let Douglas know om the 28th of January and he can coach whoever will be interested.

Swip Update

  • The collaboration among the three organisation are working with 10 universities selected to run workshops with the universities. Volunteers will be paid R700 per hour per workshops. The first workshop will be held on the 15th and 16th of February 2024. Everyone who wants to join on the workshops is more that welcome. There is a budget of R300 000. The Chapter will use their R100 000 to pay volunteers and any other monetary needs, when the budget runs out SADILAR will continue with the budget payments. Douglas has offered to train people on how train people and coach people through the curriculum which was created for coaching. People must know that its a SWIP project. in partnership with Salidar, Wikipedia and PanSal. Bobby will give Wikipedia training online, which is a continuation of the event held in 2023 at the CSIR. Their 8 hrs per day, also depending on what time is offered by the university.

Wikipedia 23rd Birthday Celebration


Birthday celebration happening on Saturday 27th on the 2 cities. Preparations has been done, invites sent venue chosen. There is a an option to attend online.

Afrikaans Intern

  • Deons Intern resgined, she got a new job, Deon is busy looking for a new intern for the Afrikaans Academy. They have doen some interviews, their pleased with her interviwe and CXv, and their looking into appointing her on the 1st of February, and she will receive a 1 year intern contract. Deon propose to hire the Interview, it was agreed upon with no objections.

Botanic Day May 23 2024

  • Deon and professor van Wyk are planning a Botanical day on the 23rd of may 2024 In Johannesburg. their going to run workshop promoting Wikipedia and Afrikaans Wikipedia. deon will create a budget for the event and share.

Julia: Fundraising banner ad campaign the WMF

  • Julia wont be joining, she will make other time, but if there is anyone with questions to jot down and send to her. To be done in February

Topics moved to the next meeting


The board ran out of time and relevant members who were knowledgeable about these projects were no longer present to discuss them. As such the following issues were moved to the next meeting.

===UCoC Committee=== [[1]]

Wiki Loves Folklore 2024 in the Southern MENA Regions


2023 Agenda


Hiring process of WMZA Gauteng EC


Smartphone for Chapter[edit]Revising AA rate


From R8 to R10?