Wikimedia South Africa/Operational Meeting 12 December 2023

WMZA Board Meeting December 12 2023 PreviousMinutes:


  • Douglas Scott
  • Ingrid Thomson
  • Coenraad Loubser
  • Khethiwe Marais
  • Bobby Shabangu



General Updates



  • Partnership with SadiLar and others. Took place on the 6th of November 2023
  • At CSIR in Pretoria, side event to another 1 week long conference that the president attended
  • In the future a budget needs to be set aside to be able to buy gift packs for participants.
  • We need our marketing materials and swag ready for such events. We were represented by SadiLar who had a stand at the conference.
  • Dumisani from WMF was on a panel discussion
  • Todo: Bobby to post presentation on Whatsapp



The Wikiindaba conference will be held in Johnaesburg in Sandton at Reddisson Blue in October 2024. Bobby met up with Maryana Iskander to discuss logistics of WikiIndaba 2024.There will be 3 key notes speakers. This will be a celebration of 10 years of WikiIndaba and the achievements achieved this far by Africans. The scholarships announcement will be announces soon as soon as the budget has been aprroved. Bobby in talks with the Goenthe Institute to see where they can assith the Chapter. Volunteers are welcome if you want to be part of the organising team. The conerence is looking to welcome 150 guests.

  • Johannesburg Meet-up (Randburg Library)

Took place on the 11th of December. They are trying to have regular meet-ups. Johannesburg should align their meet-ups as Cape Town and they host their meet-ups last Saterday of the month. There is monies available for meet-ups a 1000 rands to be spent on every meet-up. The meet-ups will be in person and face-to face. Bobby will liase withn Johannesburg librarauisn in regards, to the meet-ups.

  • Cape Town Wikimedians Meeting Maryana Iskander 11 December 2023


  • The Cape Town Wikimedians went on a tour at the Distict 6 mesuem, and stories of district 6 were shared. Went for lunch at Addis and we got to meet Christian Luxenborg.
  • WikiScience Competition

Wiki Loves science is active and running and will run till January Douglas will create a poster to be put up for advertisement at libaries.

Wikipedia Birthday Celebration 2024 and meet-up


The first meet-up will be on the 27th of Janury 2024. We would like to celebrate Wikipedia birthday on the 27th. As the birthday on the 15th January. A media pack will be prepared, and we will send out the information on the 8th. We will have a cake for the 2 cities and celebrate it on the same day. In Cape Town we will be having it at Tigers Milk.

Credit card for Chapter


It is important for the Chapter to have a Credit card, its important to have credit card on hand, to purchase things for the chapter. The crdit card will act as petty cash for the chapter. There is something called a virtual credit card, which can be used to purchase things online. Money will be loaded on the virtual credit when it comes to purchases. Bobby waiting on the bank for forms to be sent which needs to be signed by Bobby, Douglas and Deon. It was decided that it would be better to have a debit card, than to have a credit card.

  • The board had already decided on 2000 rands limit on the credit/debit card. The agenda item to be parked for the next ops meeting.

Smartphone for Chapter


Revising AA rate


From R8 to R10?

Hiring process of WMZA staff