Wikimedia South Africa/Operational Meeting/29 November 2022

Wikimedia ZA Operations meeting: 19h00 - 29 November 2022


  • Bobby
  • Douglas
  • Deon
  • Nobantu
  • Pfano - Intern
  • Zenande - Intern


  • Shupai
  • Ingrid Thompson


  • Douglas starts the meeting with a brief update from Shupai.

10 year anniversary meetup

A group photograph from the Cape Town Wikimedia ZA 10th birthday meetup.

Douglas gives an update on the South African meetup on 26 November 2022 wherein the chapter celebrated our 10th birthday. It was the first face-to-face meetup in Cape Town since COVID, 9 people attened the Cape Town event. The event in Johannesburg was also a success. Not everyone was informed of the event even though it was sent out on the chapter email list 3 times.

  • Interns to check and make sure that all board members are on the chapter mailing list; Douglas will provice mailing list names for them to check.

Wiki Indaba: Travel agent reimbursement

  • 28 Nov 2022 Wiki Indaba update meeting was had with the organisers.
  • Other African user groups want WMZA to be the fiscal sponsor for future Wiki Indaba's
  • Chapter is waiting for a R40 000 reimbursement from the travel agent of unspent funds.
  • Deon raises the issue of supporting the future growth of South African language Wikipedias and the need to focus on that. Bobby agrees with the need to grow the langauge Wikipedias but also feels the chapter also needs to support the growth of Wikipedia in Africa generally. Bobby states that the request for Wiki Indaba fiscal sponsorship came from the Wikimedia Foundation. Nobantu asks about the process of getting funding to Wiki Indaba hosts in Africa; Douglas explains the suggested new system following WikiIndaba 2022 experience, that we will require that all finanical details of the reciepent (amounts and bank details) are given to the chapter at least 2 months before the event so the chapter has enough time to do the transfer.
  • Bobby gives an update of the financial process meeting the chapter had with BGC and Copia on the

Afrikaans radio interview


Following the 10th birthday party event Pretoria FM Radio was contacted to do a radio interview with them about Wikipedia. Deon did the interview in Afrikaans. Deon suggested that a monthly radio interview be done with them; the suggestion was accepted by the radio station. Starting from next year a monthly radio interview with Deon will be done in Afrikaans on Pretoria FM Radio about Wiki stuff.

Afrikaans plans for education


Deon wants to break the myth of "students cant trust Wikipedia". Deon wants to focus on flowers first and make sure it is accurate and complete for students and people interested in plants can use.


Douglas gives an update on the organisational status of the Right to Research copyright mini-conference to be hosted in Pretoria and Cape Town in late January 2023.

Meeting ends - next ops meeting at 19:00 on 13 December 2022; afterwhich at 20:00 the last chapter board meeting will take place on the same day.